Archive for December 31st, 2010

For now, this is all I can manage.  I want to continue with the med stuff (although I don’t even know if anyone cares, or are bored to tears at this point.)  Regardless, time to spin a new tune on MP3 of the Moment.  As I wrote above the song in the sidebar, I don’t really know how to describe these two guys and the music they create.

Well, it’s obviously instrumental (although do I have a vocal track on the CD?) I can’t remember.  Anyway, let’s just say mostly instrumental.  New Age? Oh, that term drives me bonkers, with a capital “BONK!”

World? Well, maybe.  But then, record companies, agents, producers, reviewers, etc… drill down to what types of worlds the artists come from, how they experiment with sounds from other worlds. Thus, in doing so, they are so “different” and wonderful!” They stand apart from any others like them! In fact, they are nothing short of…


Oh, for god’s sake! They’re not interplanetary (or outerplanetary) beings! They just make music!

So, have a listen.  I hope you enjoy.  I’m going to return to my status of an outerplanetary being now.