Morning MP3 Mood Manipulated Message

This is because moodswingtastic and I can’t count the number of times we’ve both said: “Fucking Depakene” and “Fucking Mood Swings” on Twitter.

Actually, we’re still saying those things.  This is not a good sign since both of the above should (should…?) have come to pass.  But no.  How silly to think that?

Therefore, I will give you this.  It’s the first thing that popped into my sleepy head.

“I Will Survive” by Cake


  1. Hello my lovely – thanks for the tune, have just listened :-) Seems very apt. Just read your last couple of blog entries… THANK FUCK you are off the evil piece of shit that is Depakene. Can’t even imagine how scary that must have been. Now it’s working it’s way out of your system things will improve. Yes it wont happen overnight but it will happen. Like i said to you last night – none of the shit that has been happening is you. It’s down to that god damn, son of a bitch, evil mixture of chemicals. PA will be back out to play soon. I’m sure of it x


  2. Hi Black or White. Yes, I kind of like Cake’s version where they toss in that bit of profanity. I can be quite the pottymouth myself!

    Thank you as well for sticking with me through this. Of course I would have said all the same things to everyone else out there, but I never follow my own advice!

    Yes, that last part. The piece de resistance and crowning glory! It was scary. I’m not even quite sure what to say about it, really. I may have had another one but it was vague, unclear. I just ignored it. I was trying to go to sleep.

    I’ve always had tinnitus and you can actually hear “things” that seem like auditory hallucinations. I’ve heard all sorts of vague, crazy stuff. Even simultaneously, or back and forth. None of it makes any sense. This was my most insane.

    One night, I could hear a game of footie behind me and a radio in front of me. Each would try to compete to be the loudest. Then, I still had the ringin’ of the tinnitus. It had gone from a high-pitched, frequency buzz to bells.

    The bells started to overpower the radio. Footie moved on to “Ole-ole-ole-ole…” Next, above my head, I heard a couple talking. But remember, everything’s so vague. I couldn’t tell what they were talking about.

    Now, back to toxic waste. It’s still messing with me! I went back to work on a post I was originally going to put up. All of the sudden, it felt like 50 swords had gone through my intestines all at once! I thought, ‘Is this what it’s like to give birth???’ I wanted to run back to hospital and ask for an epidural!

    THAT would have looked pretty odd. Wee PA, not even 100lbs., asking for an epidural? Well, I could have shoved some pillows up my shirt, or something. Odd ultrasound, too. “Oh, you see that feather? That’s your baby’s heart beating!”

    Not sure. May go lay down again. Just signed on to do something really important that needed to be done a week ago.

    Thanks again hon,


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