I’m Tired, It Hurts, Again…Fuck Off!!!

It’s hardly a secret we hide what we feel so often.  Hell, we blog about it so often.

Also, it’s hardly a secret why we do it so often.  The shame, the fear, pretending everything’s alright.  We’d never want to let any of the NTs out there know that we’re not a NT as well.  That our world doesn’t function quite as well as theirs.  We’re not so “adaptive.”

Okay, let’s not take the NT thing too far.  I just woke up and started writing this.  I figured having tea, or not doing anything, really, would help my state of mind.  Who’d give a shit about making the post?

Anyway, I don’t like to pick on NTs too much.  Why? Why pick on anybody?

Christ! I still get picked on and what is my age? 40! Has the bullying ever stopped from being a wee one up until now? From both NTs and mentalists up to present day? No, it has not!

So, the answer for me, is to “bully back?” Gimme a break! Piss off, if that’s your attitude.  Oh, pardonnez-moi! Did I just “bully you back?” Well I am soooooo sorry!

Back to hiding, hurting and it not going away.  Then, it reaching the point of getting so bad, you just want to scream to everyone out there, “FUCK OFF!!!”

Welcome to my world today.  And definitely yesterday (if you could somehow go back in time to welcome it.)

POSTSCRIPT: Let’s actually remove the NTs from the equation completely.  We also hide how we feel from each other in Loony Land.  That’s not very good either.  Should I bother to say from ourselves? Too easy, that one.  But the former? Definitely.


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