Madame Depressiva© has barely been able to deal with the online world.  The Marquise de Frustratione© has kept her shackled up in chains for the last few days, but being the psychotic, wretch that she is, this time, oh this time, she’s REALLY pulled a number on Madame Depressiva©!

She’s taken “toying” with her to an entirely new level.  The word still begins with the letter “T” but this time, it’s “Torture!” At least Princess Migraine© has stayed away as Madame Depressiva’s© head is hurting enough! It’s become so bad, she has actually gotten down on her knees and begged the Marquise de Frustratione© to sever it off! Saw it off for all she cares! Or doesn’t, for that matter.  Although, initially, she began by begging to have her limbs cut off one by one.  The Marquise de Frustratione© didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Or was it The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© who tipped the balance, there? A lot of conspicuous stimming has been going on.  Perhaps, too much!

Either way, out of sheer torture again, Madame Depressiva© has been forced by the Marquise de Frustratione© to write this.  It is certainly NOT Madame Depressiva’s© choice.  It is now a waiting game.  The Marquise de Frustratione© definitely holds all the cards, this time.


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