PA is not here.  That said, I feel rather compelled to write this on her behalf.  Since I have decided to do this, and I said that she is not here, you may be wondering just exactly where she is.

Well, regarding that, she is somewhere.  I haven’t exactly lost her like a set of keys, or a mobile phone that doesn’t have one of those old fashioned pager buttons, where you can hit it non-stop until you finally find the little thing.  No.

I must admit, I feel quite irresponsible.  I am usually much more diligent and a better caretaker.  Although, I will say I know how she thinks.  I hope that will serve as some sort of consolation.

One thing that I do know is her taste in music.  I believe this is exactly the song that is running through her mind right now.  Of that, I am quite sure.  For any of you that are worried, I will find her.  Of that, please be quite sure.

The song song I believe she is listening to right now?

“Easy” by Timbuk 3


  1. Yo, AP.

    Don’t feel so bad, dude. You’ve never let me down. Pretty good choice on the tune, too.

    Kinda busy with stuff. So, sorry. Yeah, running away and you know, I’m tiny so it’s easy to hide. Even if I’m a lot bigger than you. Hey, you’re a penguin, and all.

    Got a lot on my plate now, but it’s kinda funny because for having a lot on my plate, it looks like an empty plate. And no, I’m not having some whacked out seizure.

    Anyway. Life is happening. Right before my squinty eyes. However, like a crazy seizure, my eyes are wide open and life is hitting me full on!

    Know what though? That’s how it goes. So whether I’m here, there, nowhere… I still somehow exist. At least right now (lest debating all forms of existence) because I’m typing.

    I can feel my fingers touching the keys, on the keyboard, on baby MacBook.

    Is that good enough for now? To let you know I’m here?

    Hope so. Hope good enough for me too?

    Wee bugger. You’re cute though. That’s why I thought I should send you this.


  2. You know what AP. You kind of got me going, thinking of music. and if anyone should know (or maybe any blog readers that have picked it up) Junior Boys have…

    …uh, “impacted” me in lots of ways. Don’t get all down on it AP readers and such. It’s just that their first album kicked but it was themed.

    But it’s the BEST.

    Anyway, fuck it. I’m going to try and stream before baby MacBook blows.

    And yanno? Speaking of BLOWS? You know who I miss? This goes out to a subscriber.

    Where’s Dame? Gone! Well I still lov’er. She’s got more heart than I think she ever knew.

    Yeah. It’s like what I said. That BLOWS. People who have more heart than they think they do.


  3. Okay, fine AP. So I made that “cryptic” or “stupid” post up there.

    You want PROOF I’m back? There. You got it. It’s not pretty, but at least it’s, perhaps, some kind of proof.

    Fuck you. Pretty, poncey, little feathered friend. Try and find me when I wake up. Or better yet, when I’m “sleeping?”

    Piss off.


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