It’s All Good

It is.  It really is.  It has to be.  Because that’s just the way it is.

And even if it wasn’t good, should it matter? Would it matter? Especially to you? Certainly not.  Why?

Because you ask the same questions yourself.  As far as your own life.

So don’t ask them about mine, or be worried about my life.



Because that’s just the way it is.


  1. Yes it would matter to me. I am worried about you. Even though I only know you as a collection of electrons (online friend) I still consider you a friend. I’m really worried. If you need space, that’s OK. But your friends will be here for you.



  2. Hi katm. Thank you. You’re always so sweet. And funny, too.

    What do I need? Oh, dear. Want? Oh, dear again.

    I don’t need space. Ha. “Need.” If so, I’d stay away from my blog. I had been over the last couple of days, actually. Twitter, too. I may need to stay away, now! I’m not sure. My head is really all over the map. Worse than it was, maybe?

    I mean, look at what was going on last night! The exact opposite! My head being all over the map resulted in lots of posting!

    I was getting overloaded by some really stressful stuff. Stuff I actually need to look over right now before an appt. I was doing that for hours and hours last night.

    I went out as I thought doing it at home would be…I don’t know…I’d feel trapped! Go sit in a public space, bring baby MacBook, listen to some tunes, don’t hide away at home. Maybe a nice atmosphere would help?

    Hours. Notes and notes, thoughts and thoughts, for a fucking 14 page document that is required of me. Hell, I was so overwhelmed I even went non-verbal! That was basically when I left to go home. Good thing I knew the server, so I could write with a pen and paper for my bill. Plus, we could talk/write about more about stuff when I said goodbye.

    There’s always more, as well. There is never one, single stressor in life. That was just a biggie last night. And to go non-verbal. Quite odd. Ah, a bit of a seizure on the way home, too? It was a REALLY fun night.


  3. *hugs*


  4. Hi katm. Thanks. *hugs*

    If you read the post I wrote after this one, you can maybe get a clearer a picture of why I went a bit Super-Mental, here.

    I always say, that when we do the things we do, we need to stand up and be accountable–no matter what. Therefore, our actions, whatever they may be, are reasons. They are exactly that: Reasons!

    As far as I see it, our actions should in no way be concerned with “Excuses.”. I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way.

    Just because we all have mental illnesses and/or disorders, it in NO way means we get a free pass to stomp around, and act as we please, as if there were no consequences to be had. Further, if any consequences do/did arise, we cannot use our illnesses/disorders as an all too, familiar loophole.

    I’ve seen it done SO many times. They’ve already been been nearly decimated by the other mentalcase initially! Also, let’s not forget that we, as mentalcases, can tend to be a bit more sensitive than your average person. Maybe?

    Again, I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way.

    Here’s something I’d say. Just off the cuff now, without taking account situations. It’s probably decent enough to give you/anyone else reading a general idea?

    “Here’s what I did/Look at what I did/OMG what I did, here. It’s fucking ugly. I am more sorry than you’ll ever know. That is not a lie.

    I’ve come back down to earth now, so I actually am lucid enough to talk to you! Because this all started before my head exploded and I went nuts. I know that is NOT an excuse for my behaviour and what I did to you. However, now that you know, it might explain some reasons that contributed to my behaviour. Again, I’m so, so sorry.

    Can we please work through this now? I would really like that. I think it would be a good idea. I think it would be good for both of us, too.”

    So, yes, something like that? I’m a HUGE believer in the importance of communication. Also, I have HUGE issues with conflict. I avoid it like it’s some kind of phobia! *pauses* OMG! It probably is! I always say I’m “conflict-avoidant.” Maybe I should switch to “conflict-phobic!”

    Wow, it looks like I’ve written another post in my comment section! A blogger hated that when I did it before a long time ago. Ah, The Golden Years. He’s still around, though. He still has a blog, although, I don’t know if he updates it so often. In fact, I think I owe him an email that I’d send a couple of months ago. Uh, huh.


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