Uh, hi.

I kind of lost it last night.  I’m still losing it.  Or still continuing to have lost it.  Along with “it” I’ve lost my grammar and ability to write, too.

I hate writing these posts.  Looking at what the hell you’ve done to your blog in some inexplicable, mental state.  They’re like the next day when you have a hangover.  However, I guess I could say I’m still “drunk.”

This is one of those rare occasions where all of my diagnoses (or symptoms of them) have nailed me at the same time.  In fact, if my barely functioning memory speaks, it’s actually only happened once.  Well, once outside of a hospital setting.

So, here’s the wacky tally.  And I’ll compress some things so we can keep it within the last 24hrs.  Just so you can see that everything is actually happening at once.

Bipolar: My moods have been rather a roller coaster (unfortunately I need to point you in the direction of my blog again to bear witness to that.)

ADD: If you could have only seen me trying to make my way through my appt. with Non-Arsey Neuro today.  I forgot most of the meds I take, I almost left my rucksack in his office, I forgot to tell him loads of stuff, I almost missed my transit stop…

Asperger’s: I went non-verbal last night.  That hasn’t happened in a while.

epilepsy: I had a seizure last night.

Migraines: I have a migraine right now.  As I’m typing this.  I managed to catch it in good time and get a triptan into me pretty quickly.  I don’t think I’ll need two.  I’ve taken some Gravol/Dimenhydrinate because of course, I’m all barfy.

PTSD: It’s kicking me in the arse for so many reasons right now.  Nothing I can do about it though.  Pfft.


  1. May

    *hugs* Sending you warm thoughts.


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