It would appear that some habits (to what degree of health are arguable) never change.  Although, I must allow my wee PA some leeway in that she is feeling very sick.  That should in no way detract me from getting her the rest she needs, however.

She doesn’t want to rest.  She becomes to listless, anxious.  Then, she doesn’t want to sleep.  Well! That is one, old, familiar tune if I have ever heard it!

When wee PA refuses to go to bed, it is some level of depression creeping in, filling up her body ultimately, until her mind has become completely warped.  She reasons that if she doesn’t have to sleep or doesn’t have to go to bed, then she won’t have to face the next day.  I try to explain to her that “pulling an all-nighter” will only make things worse.

Unfortunately, but thankfully she’s really starting to lose it now.  It’s not a very pretty sight but as soon as I can get some meds into her, hopefully things will subside.  Also, hopefully her own pillows will be softer for her concussion.

Don’t worry.  She’s had the damn thing for a week since she was admitted to hospital.  You are supposed to be observed while sleeping if you have a concussion.  She survived everything this week (which she will explain) so I feel it is highly doubtful she will die now.


  1. It is sad that PA is losing it, but I hope she can get the help she needs now. My thoughts are with her.


  2. Aspie Penguin

    Hello, Astrid. Thank you for coming by to comment.

    Wee PA is not doing so well, at all. She is trying to put up a brave face and fight, however, she is having a lot of trouble. In fact, she is failing at almost every attempt.

    She feels that nothing has changed and is still suicidal. She has just had all of her prescriptions refilled and I am trying to keep as close an eye on them as possible.

    Take care,


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