This Can NOT Be Happening!


No.  I mean it.  Seriously.  No. *laughs so hard*

“…Waco we have a problem…I repeat, Waco we have a problem…”

If my d/l’s weren’t free, I’d be on a massive, online shopping bender, it’s way past my bedtime and here I am, fiddle-dee-dee-dee! I’m reading a book about peoples’ stories of depression and laughing my ass off (see laughter above.)

Is it now Bipolar time? That’s not funny at all but everything is funny right now!!!

I think we’ve got some (hypo)manic euphoria going on.  Which is completely insane because life hasn’t been so “funny” lately.  Not at all!

Okay.  I’m going back to laugh at every single thing surrounding me, again.



  1. Um… did they happen to put you on some sort of antidepressants? Just asking cause I had a similar experience when I was admitted to a hospital quite a while ago. I was totally depressed, in fact I spent hours behind the steering wheel of my car in the garage with my hand on the ignition, determined to go crash the car. I was a mess. Then they put me on Effexor at the hospital and I was slightly hypomanic the next day, totally mellowed out, with buggy eyes, pupils completely dilated, giggling all the time and I was hugging my friends and telling them that I loved them all. It was surreal considering I wanted to kill myself so badly just two days ago.


  2. Or wait… it might be just a brain shitstorm.


  3. ….Isn’t laughing a good thing?


  4. Hi bipolarmaniac. Sounds like you may be in the same camp as me. I cant take ADs either or they’ll drive me completely over the edge. And certainly not like the above. Far, far worse.

    Hi Canageek. Yes, laughing is always good.

    To both of you? And I thought this was possible. It’s the Typical Absence Status Epilepticus. Based upon the calendar and my body (more the latter) I was sort of sitting and waiting to see what might happen. It’s just that the emotional component has never included anything resembling a hypomanic euphoria.

    I know it now because I’ve woken up feeling pretty spaced out, dizzy, nauseous, photophobic, headachy…uh…anything else?

    The mood part of it usually includes depression and anxiety so I’m sure that will end up coming along soon enough. Although, sometimes I can get away with not “knowing” as the physical trumps the emotional in terms of how sick I feel. However, sometimes I do get to “know.” Yay.

    I gotta leave to see Merlin #2 now, too. Great. Our appt. is going to be ugly enough.


  5. I hope your status epilepticus is over by now and you didn’t get the depression/anxiety crap.


  6. Hi Astrid. Good to see you and thanks for coming by to check up on me? I’m really whacked today but I don’t know if it’s so much the Typical Absence Status Epilepticus. No, other reasons?

    When I ended up getting moving yesterday, I actually felt okay. Well, except for Merlin #2 but that’s a whole other blog post.

    But regarding this TASE business, we just might be on the right track with increasing my Clobazam. When I see Non-Arsey Neuro next week, I’m going to say I want to bump it up a bit more as things are looking good but not quite there yet.


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