Right! My Retail Therapy

Since I last saw Merlin #2 and it was a total disaster, when I left the appt. I decided to go shopping! Does that happen to anyone else when their psychiatrist completely rejects them?

I didn’t actually plan to go shopping.  No, I was just going to go home and…well, I had no clue.  I guess I would have figured out something on the transit ride home.  Or not.

When leaving his office, I found one of those odd places.  Sometimes they call themselves an “Import/Export” kind of thing? Where everything they have is dirt cheap? The goods may be a bit questionable, or sometimes they actually have name brands.

They had a bunch of little bins outside with this and that, and one was full of socks.  I actually need(ed) some new socks.  They were dirt cheap.  They were also a “real” brand! Not that buying socks you need is exactly therapeutic.  Or maybe it is.  I was pleased to find decent, cheap socks that I so desperately needed.  Still, the pleasure was fleeting.  However, I had no idea what to do with myself, time certainly had no meaning, so I went inside to look around.  Then I found these!

Not only awesome but practical.  It is winter here, after all.  Their awesomeness seems to have won me over a bit, though.  I’m wearing them all the time.  Even to bed.  Yes, I am four years-old.

Mr. Skull Makes Me Look Cool. Even If I'm Not.

Don't mess with Mr. Skull.

Now we have another happy hat!

I'll Wear This When We Hang Out More Buddy!

What do you think? Good choice?

These guys didn’t break the bank or anything, either.  I don’t really have a lot of money.

I walked a few more steps and…OH NO!!!

There’s a comic shop a couple of doors down.  Two Words: Imminent Death.

Don’t even bother to try and hold me back when I pass a comic shop.  It’s impossible.  I won’t even give you any metaphors or similes to describe how ruthless (and futile) the process can be.  It’s just plain, old impossible! Even worse than trying to restrain me from entering one, is trying to keep me from leaving with a bag full of something! *hangs head and sighs*

However, I still didn’t really break the bank there, either.  I was pretty good.  I was.  Really! I swear!

I went to the boxes of the 50% off Graphic Novels (you see?) A lot of crap! A lot of repetitive crap! Also, they were squished in there so tight, tight, tight! ALSO, I was too short! I could barely reach to the back and get all the way through! I needed a wee ladder! Harrumph!

I did at least find a couple of things (and not near the back.)  And before I mention anything further, no links! No spoilers! I’m not in the mood.  I have no idea what that means.  Not in the mood to provide links that may be spoilers.  Anyway…

“Unique” by Dean Motter and Dennis Calero.  The full collection of the mini-series.

“The Nevermen” by Phil Amara and Guy Davis.  The full collection of the mini-series.

So, 50% off was okay for two Graphic Novels, right? Uh oh…

I still had more time (as much as I wanted because time still had no meaning) so I continued to look around.  Damn! Damn! Damn! This, I could not resist:

“Ode to Kirihito” by Osamu Tezuka.  It’s about two inches thick and about 800 pages!

I got really lucky, though.  It was on a shelf and has this little flap over the cover.  From so many people pulling it on and off, it was in pretty rough shape.  These shops being what they are (geek heaven!) I asked the guy behind the counter if I could get a discount for damage.  He told me, sure! He knocked it down to 50% off, too!

I don’t know about other places, but in a lot of comic shops here, they charge the U.S. price and not the Canadian.  Then they’ll add our taxes.  This is amazing because the prices can vary incredibly between the U.S. and Canadian for all books.  So, maybe I didn’t really break the bank after all? Maybe I just put a bit of a dent in it?

Although, I may have somehow broken or dented my stupid ADD head.  I’m already trying to read three books (not including these) right now! This purchase may have ended up with more serious ramifications for me than expected.


  1. Butterflywings

    Awesome hats! Retail therapy is DEFINITELY an appropriate response to all crap that happens in life x


  2. Hi Butterflywings. Thanks. As I wrote, I’m loving my hats, too.

    Yes, “Retail Therapy” has always made me laugh. It’s probably when I do my best shopping. I don’t like shopping. ASPIE HELL!!!

    It is so hard for me to deal with all the crowds, sometimes the bright lights…ugh. I’m the sort of person who knows what they want, runs in and grabs it, and then done! Except for groceries. That can be a pretty rough task.


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