I’ve been thinking about this for a while and even making this post may seem counterintuitive.  It may also seem counterproductive, as well.  I certainly hope it’s not.  I also hope that I can write it in a way so people will understand things. Because there are some things I would like to say.

I wrote before that I would give “The Five W’s and the H.”  Well, if there’s anyone out there waiting for that information, you’re not going to get it.  Offering up any of those would make no sense, serve no purpose, and quite possibly be very dangerous.

This entire situation, and what I did, has wreaked havoc upon my personal life.  It seems clear it has created some serious upheaval throughout the blogosphere, and further, I suspect more upheaval that I may never know of.  I am not speaking egotistically, because it was me.  No.  More upheaval would have been caused due to my actions.

That being said, people may be feeling all sorts of emotions.  All sorts of feelings that I am unaware of, completely.  It would be utterly reprehensible and irresponsible of me, to open already healed wounds, or exacerbate any pain (or other feelings!) that is or are still in existence.

This is not a “Suicide Blog.”  I have stated that over and over.  If I were to provide more detail, a reader may acquire a better understanding of how to make a suicide attempt.  Again, it would be utterly reprehensible and irresponsible of me to offer that here.

I cannot and I will not write on this blog, my own personal details in order to try and explain things from that perspective, either.  Perhaps in order to give you some sort of insight as to why I did it, how it all came about, and more.  I do write many things regarding my life in such a fashion–to give you insight into it.  However, those details will never appear on my blog.

On the flipside, I still want readers to know that this blog is a safe and open space where they are free to share their feelings.  It always has been, and it always has been my intention of making it so.  That will never change.  I never censor any commenters (unless they become a threat, act in other negative ways etc…)

I will also continue to speak about what I have written up to this point (with said censorship “policies” above.)  I am not taking those posts down.  I am not putting them under any sort of password protection.  They are garnering a lot of comments, and I do not wish to suddenly cut off or end conversations.  Despite what was written in them, my decision there is to not censor any commenters (or myself, for that matter.)

The only posts that may appear in the future might be medically related.  I’m still not even sure about that.  I am operating under the assumption there will not be any.

The only health issues that I could be dealing with are problems due to my concussion.  However, I cannot be sure.  It may be related to the Typical Absence Status Epilepticus. It may be both.  Regardless, issues with concussions resolve themselves over time.  I received one after an assault and I was alright.

So, I hope this has made some sense.  Also, commenting on this post is fine, just as any other.

Thank you so much, everyone.


  1. Hey, this is your blog: Write whatever you want. Write about purple dancing elephants if you want, or sporks, or music if you so desire. It will still be better written then 99.9845% of the blogosphere.


  2. I find writing cathartic. If you find it helps, do it. However the converse is true also. Find whichever medium you feel most comfortable expressing yourself in, then flourish in it.

    all the best.


  3. Write everything in code….then don’t tell anyone what the code is? >.>


  4. May



  5. Hi Canageek. Yes, you like the others telling me I can write whatever I want to. And even in code? That may be almost like password protection. Email me in order to give you what you need to decipher my posts?

    Hi misterecho. First, welcome–unless you were here before? Second, thank you so much for subscribing to this whacked out blog.

    Blogging can be (I’ve found) a bit of a double edged sword. In a lot of ways. Why I’ve had so many “blogging crises.” Take a break, write differently, take the whole bloody thing down!

    Thank you so much for your encouragement, though. You make a lot of sense.

    Hi May. Thanks, hon. *hugs back*


  6. Why ever tell anyone the code? :D Just make up words! Fizglorp! Zomk! Foons!


  7. Hi Canageek. Well, I already make up some words. But if I put everything in code, people would give up entirely as they couldn’t read anything.

    That would just be the same as “Blog Shutdown!”


  8. Righhhtttt people actually read your blog ;)
    Actually given that 3 people from my blog have wished you well I guess I actually have readers now. Thanks to everyone by the way.


  9. Hi Canageek. Well according to my stats some people show up here? Although, maybe they’re lost and it’s completely by accident.

    Yes, thanks to all.


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