I don’t know how many of you scroll down far enough to see my current reads.  I haven’t done this sort of thing in a long time (not scroll down far enough to see my current reads.)  Wow.  I’m having some serious (both written and real life) Aspie, literal issues.

No, I’m talking about my ADD, here.  Usually it’s with one book.  If the material is relatively easy, I may only make it through a limited number of pages.  Concentration still not so improved with the Concerta, but better.  However, I can’t devour books like I used to.  Quel, quel, quel drag.

Or, if the book is still relatively easy and I’m really into it, I may tend to bounce all over to see what comes next, skipping hither and yon, even if I don’t like to do that.  I have to go through the book from beginning to end! I’d never understand any of it if I didn’t!

Now? Again, not in a long time.  I’m reading three at once! I’m finding it pretty funny, too.

I usually read when I’ve popped my pills and flop into bed.  Try and relax a bit and help me get to sleep.  Since I’ve got three on the go, I’m now I finding I stare for a fair while, quite indecisive about which one I should pick up.  Last night, I chose the closest within reach!

I wrote in this post that I was now reading three, plus I had bought three new Graphic Novels! I’m trying very hard not to touch those.

So, if you don’t know what I end up fighting with every night, here you go:

“The Boomer Bible” by R.F. Laird
“Speaking of Sadness” by David A. Karp
“Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte

I’m not sure if we could do any sort of “dissection” based upon my choices.  Maybe only this.  Number one: Humour.  Number two: Mental Health.  Number three: Classics.  That’s as far as I think you could go.

My next thought is this, ultimately.  Number one: Humour (being the overall–except, perhaps “pseudo-history?”) Number two: Depression.  Number three: Depression.  Indeed.  The latter two aren’t really so funny at all, are they?

Although, some of the peoples’ quotes of their experiences with Depression are kind of funny.  One guy said that if there was a million dollars across the room, with Depression, you’d never be able to get it.  Depression’s so bad, you just can’t get out of bed, so forget that nice, cool million.  Well, I think back on some of my worst episodes of Depression, and sure as shit, I’d get out of bed for that amount of money! Probably even less!

So, what can you say about that? Sure, Depression’s awful.  It is debilitating.  However, I would still take money if I became depressed.  Am I a “Depression Gold Digger?”  No.  I don’t think so.  I’ve yet to see my Pot of Gold or any other financial reward when I still get depressed.  I suppose I can keep hoping, but I’d rather avoid Depression altogether and buy lottery tickets instead.

But back to humour in Wuthering Heights.  No, not so much.  Unless you’re quite a sadistic creature and you really get off on storybook character’s pain and misery.

It’s one of my favourite books of all time.  I lost my copy way back so I had to go and pick up another one.  It’s been on my mind so much lately.  Like a “Literary Earworm!” And before you ask, I’m not a sadistic creature who’s getting off on all the pain and misery of it.


  1. Kevin

    I’m back, you can’t get rid of me that easily, PA!

    I’d beat you to the money when massively depressed and then slap you upside the head for trying to get it before me. Depression to me, which clearly is a personal experience, is all about not being able to mount sustained effort. Yes, I’m a depression golddigger too, I guess. I’m fine usually when I’m with my girlfriend. But those quiet moments alone with no girlfriend, no million-dollar briefcase sitting on the other side of the room, God help me…

    As far as fiction – I’ve never read Wuthering Heights, maybe I’ll have to check it out? But depressing stuff is all I ever seem to read. All-time faves: Sophie’s Choice, A Fine Balance, Grapes of Wrath. Okay, I’m into uplifting stuff these days – tortuous escape from the Gulag type of stuff – think “The Long Walk”.

    Okay, gotta go buy some lottery tickets and buy a couple bottles of wine…


  2. Hi Kevin. Good! I don’t want to get rid of you!

    Slap me upside the head, huh? I got this image in my unslapped head after reading your comment:

    There we both lay, depressed as hell in bed. In walks a man, rolling a suitcase full of a million dollars on a little wagon. He sets down the suitcase and exits the room with his little wagon. We cast a brief, single glance at the other, out of the corners of our eyes.

    Then, all havoc breaks loose! We’re all over each other, trying to wrestle and pin down the opposition for just long enough. Just long enough to get away from the bed to run across the room! All it would take to reach that suitcase!

    Though, never a chance comes. For when one person seems so close, an ankle gets pulled back. For the other? It’s the same! A wrist is twisted, nearly wrenched into an impossible position, to continue the battle.

    In walks your girlfriend.

    We both stare at her with our ridiculous, Aspie faces. In unison we state: “We’re both really depressed. Honest. We are!”

    *smirks* Also, your girlfriend needn’t be threatened by wee PA. Wee PA prefers the ladies, not the gents.

    I’m not really a fiction reader. I’m non-fiction. The story has to really keep me engaged to make me want to continue with it (or even bother at all!)

    Oh, you’re funny. “The Long Walk.” At first, I was thinking, Stephen King? I had to Google it, as it did sound familiar so I had to check if I’d read it. Stephen King did write a novel with the same name. I gave up reading King when I was about 8-10?

    But, no. You are speaking of the other? I do have a copy of Elie Weisel’s “Night.” Yes, I think it’s buried somewhere on a shelf. It can be quite uplifting.


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