Things were getting a bit stale on MP3 of the Moment, so time to add something else.  I love this song by Erasure.

Several years ago, I saw them in concert and Andy Bell was as full of beans as ever, even though he is HIV positive.  It made ME full of beans, too! Maybe even more, because I’d volunteered for quite some time at an HIV/AIDS Hospice.

It was such an amazing experience to do that.  Certainly not just because I’m gay.  Although, there was always a significant gay population of clients, so I could empathize with them on that level.  Nonetheless, the entire place, and so much that happened there is (and was) indescribable.

However, let’s still all be clear that the HUGE connection (and even only for you cretins?) between acquiring HIV and it further developing into AIDS is not due to being gay.  If you think so, stop reading my blog immediately!

He’s still going strong.  Bless his little (or big) soul.

“Rescue Me” by Erasure


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