I’ve just gotten home from a really exhausting, anxiety-provoking, off-kilter…you know it… 


I didn’t even know if I could pull it off, but no choice! Hobble, hobble to Non-Arsey Neuro!

I forgot some forms for the stoopid guvmunt when I saw him the other day.  When I called this morning, “Come in anytime! He’s here until 3:00 p.m.!”

*PA immediately freezes*

Anyway, I just went to one person’s blog and I read their three most recent posts.  They were unbelievably shocking in comparison to some I’ve written.  Perhaps with slightly different details here and there, but it didn’t matter so much.  Also, the comments? Due to both, there was no way on earth I could say a peep! I felt if I did, well, I don’t know!

I just sat there reading everything, and how it sounded like me and things I’ve done.  Serious stuff, and so many commenters were already freaking out! If I said anything, I might drop some kind of bomb, or say something stupid? The other commenters who were on fire would end up hating me? I’d get banished from the blogosphere?

Well, alright.  But it really was all too much to bear.  It wasn’t just like reading a heavy duty post.  It was like someone else living and writing my life!

It reminded me of another blogger that I knew, as well.  A post they had written a long time ago that got me thinking about the above.  When I read THAT one over again???

Wow.  I feel like those four posts have just given me a sucker punch to the gut by a 300lb. guy wearing lead gloves.  Not that it’s anyone’s fault!

I can’t write any more about this.  I’m just going to make it worse by going around and around and around…  Because that’s what happened.  It’s messy, and it’s kinda messed with my already messed up head, and made it even more messed up, so who knows what future messes I’ll create! You see? Around and around and around…

  1. Hi Canageek. Thanks. *hugs*


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