Lack of Judgement

The title of the post says it all (and more?) Well, it will say more?

I wrote before that my posts may sound a bit, I’m not sure.  Alright, we’ll just say “strange” for now? That’s because my head’s getting worse, the necessity for the CT and my lack of judgement is a bit of a problem.  At least I’m aware of it, so I’m trying to keep myself in check.

Also, it’s always great for me to write posts when I’m not really awake yet.  My judgement can be pretty bad then, too.

Ah, what else? Hell, just “thinking” in GENERAL makes my judgement off.  Or is it the other way around? Let’s say both!

Wow, I can tell already it was such a wonderful decision to write this one! A real Pulitzer we’ve got on our hands, here!

So, back to lack of judgement.  When I had a bit more of a head, I’d called about a place to live.  It was a shared accommodation deal (scarrrreeeeyyyyy!!!!!) but maybe not so bad? Really nice house, people sounded great, not too far from my blessed neighbourhood.  I don’t want to leave it!!!

Well, the woman called me back yesterday.  Oh, wonderful!!! Man, did she talk fast, too! That wasn’t the worst of it though, either (well, apart from my broken head and trying to bounce from mute to mumbly during the conversation.)

Of course I ‘fessed up about applying for money from the stoopid guvmunt.  Some people assholes may not take kindly to that.  In fact, I’m still waiting for a call from some guy who “had to check with his father and call me back.”  I guess I got my “answer.”  Whatev.

I think she had a problem with that.  She said, “So you’ll be home all day???” Uh, yeah.  Then, I made a boo boo and didn’t read the ad properly.  Extra costs for utilities.  Well, holy fuck-o-rama! It was like I had insulted her beyond all forgiveness in the world.  She told me the new cost in her rapid-fire, Drill Sergeant speech and I didn’t hear it.  I asked again.  Oh! Well, make we PA clean the entire house’s floors with a toothbrush for renting there FOREVER!

And the house! Thousands of ft. of utter Victorian Beauty! She kept drilling that one, for sure.  Which was also in the ad.  All other amenities, too.  But then, she totally contradicted herself!

She asked me how long I wanted to stay, when I could move, all of that.  I said I’d like to give proper notice here but…  She cut me off mid-sentence and said she had a guy ready to move in long term.  I wanted to say it so bad.  Soooo bad.  In the ad, it said: short term, long term, travellers, all welcome!

Pushy, lying bitch.  I don’t care how cool you think you are or how beautiful your house is.  Shove all those thousands of ft. of it straight up your ass!

So, maybe it’s actually a GOOD thing my judgment is off–to whatever degree? At least my bullshit detector was working fine enough with her.  Unless her bullshit “scent” was so strong it didn’t matter, and I just couldn’t smell my own. *sniff sniff*  Hmmm… *ponders*

  1. Lil’ PA doesn’t smell! Unless she is smoking! And even then right after she smells better than all the other smokers I know!


  2. Hi canageek. Thanks, hon. I don’t think I smell, either. And right, I’m not a “smelly smoker.” You can’t smell it on me. It doesn’t cling and a lot of people have no clue I smoke!


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