I Think It’s Time to Go Back to The Med Blogosphere

I’ve wanted to for so long.  I’ve been preaching it for so long.  I was there for so long before this blog took so many crooked turns and ended up here.

The Med Blogosphere is safer.  Science.

Not that Psych and Med can’t be combined.

Lately, things have been nothing but pain.

Maybe we all need a break.

  1. And if you need a break, that’s OK. Take the time you need. Just drop me a line every once in a while so I know you’re OK.


  2. Hi katm. Thank you so much. I honestly don’t know what to do. Yesterday, I felt like I was starting to get better and by night, it felt like the whole roof started caving in. Maybe that can be seen by contrasting the last post and this one.

    Take a break, put up blog posts that aren’t so intense. Things that are just sort of funny. Don’t post every day…these are all the suggestions always made. I’ve done them all–except a serious break–like a really long one.

    Yes, I want to get back to the medical, I have for ages, but I’m barely even “here.” These posts are all, I don’t you. Me maybe lashing out in pain! Exactly the thing I want to stop! And:

    a) It can’t be stopped around here if I keep doing that
    b) Who can help me out of that pain?
    c) If I keep doing this, head injury or not, people are just going to get sick of it! Also, head injury or not, some people may view it as “attention seeking behaviour” or good god, I’m being Passive-aggressive somehow, or trying to manipulate people!

    I had said to folks that I thought it a good idea to stay offline due to the lack of judgement, lack of emotional and cognitive balance. The latter I can’t control so much. Well, the latter two can be modulated by other people around me. The physical issues don’t stop me from blogging. God, here I go writing a post in my comment section. I just woke up.

    Again, I thought I was feeling better yesterday but I guess my mind is still playing tricks with me.

    Thanks again hon and if I do go on an extended vacation, I’ll stay in touch. If I forget, email me!


  3. Couldn’t you read something else besides med & psych blogs? Like, I dunno, kitten blogs or something? Blogs with cute pictures of puppies? Blogs on how to launch your enemies into low earth orbit?


  4. Hi Canageek. Sorry, those types of blogs just wouldn’t do it for me. Especially how to launch my enemies anywhere. I’d kind of like to think I don’t have any enemies. At least I hope not?


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