Yes! I’m On a Break! But This is Funny!

Spock and Aspie Penguin are right.  I DID make a decision to take a break.  And yes, a SERIOUS one.  For the FIRST TIME EVER.

Although, I’m still around.  Just in bits.  I was cleaning up my Blogroll somewhat, as I knew people had shut their blogs down.  Then, I found a couple of posts I thought were really important, so I left comments.  I know.

Then, I was getting Twitter Follows.  I didn’t want my Inbox to explode! So, I had to check them out.  I know.

Then, a couple of my regular reads? I know! But the point is…well, I’m still taking my break from blogging.  No, I REALLY AM!!!

But I just read this.  Like, right now.  I think it’s hilarious.  You can decide for yourselves.

I don’t exactly live in a “posh” neighbourhood, but it is really great.  Everyone’s friendly (I live in a big city, but I still say we Canadians are known for being so wonderful, because we’re so polite, and this and that…we’re just so lovely!) I still think people from other countries put Canadian Flags on their rucksacks when they travel?

Anyway, where I live, there is very much a “community” feel.  As well as…HAPPY?!?!

I was just reading our “Community” newspaper and apparently a local church lost a Supreme Court Ruling.  Gee.  What on “earth” would have to happen for a church to bring it to the Supreme Court? Apparently the Court rejected the fact that smokin’ big fatties, not bogartin’ the dubage, and all else, didn’t bring the congregation closer to their maker.

What on “earth,” indeed.  Maybe a bit farther from it? They are a branch of “The Church of the Universe.”  Cool.

In the last paragraph, it said that two dudes from their Holy (Rollin’) Temple were going to open a cafe shortly.  Maybe I’ll soon find myself in a Canadian version of Amsterdam.  Double Cool.

Hey, we already have gay marriage.  I say, let’s keep moving.  Full steam ahead!

Alright, back to my break.  Perhaps at some point, I’ll head out and look for that cafe. *nods*

  1. So I shouldn’t sic people on your blog and twitter with instructions to hug the cute lil’ aspie a bunch? *innocent look*


  2. Hi Canageek. Ah, sure. It’s still okay to do that. I just may be slower than usual in responding. Maybe a lot slower. Depends what’s going on?


  3. Sounds like a good plan. There’s a lot of interesting stuff out their on the internet, but there’s something to be said for the experiential side of things, too.

    Hope you have fun with that. :)


  4. Hi trey. Good to see you hon.

    It seems I’m struggling a bit now with my “break.” I’m getting comments (and one yesterday that I felt could not wait.) I was very worried that they needed to talk, even if it was just to silly, little old me!

    Maybe I can try and strike a balance, somehow? I always hate to keep any commenters I get, just hanging. Especially if they may not know I’m taking some kind of break at all! I always respond to everyone. *sighs as Hyper-Responsibility Gene flares up*

    So, I “break” with “limits?” Manage that way?

    Oh, dear god! I just woke up a little while ago and my head’s a mess! I swear, everything feels like it’s completely upside down! I’m not kidding! Even the letters I’m writing look upside down! The whole comment box looks upside down!

    Ugh. If I could only go back to sleep…

    Definitely time for tea and I’ll ponder this whole “break” thing some more, hey?


  5. Kevin

    No offense to my neighbours in Canada, but if I felt the need to stitch a flag on my American rucksack in a ruse to convince foreigners to be kind to me while backpacking, my first pick would’ve been Australia, then New Zealand, then Sweden, then maybe Canada. All of y’all are a nice bunch.

    Hang in there, PA!


  6. Hi Kevin. Well, at least we (I?) made your list! Thanks!

    Take care and you hang in too,


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