I Need a Haircut

I don’t need to look in the mirror to know I need to get my hair cut.  No.  How do I know? When I eat, my hair gets tangled up with all the food that ends up in my mouth.  It’s incredibly annoying.  More than.

Now, it’s gotten so bad, food doesn’t even have to be involved at all.  Nor does the slightest breeze outside.  Nor, me walking and making a bit of a turn in whatever direction.  No.  My hair is now falling into mouth when it simply sit still.

I don’t suspect I’ll be working anytime soon (don’t even go there…) so, I won’t have to go for that “Professional Look.”   The type of haircut I’ve been having done or how long now? While trying to get a… (don’t even go there.)

I want an “Anime Haircut!” No, seriously.  I want to look like an Anime Character! I have had this desire for so long.

However, my hair is really thin.  However, I have a “Hair Guru.”  Really, he is.

I suck at hair (and a lot of other things girly, even though PA can pull off girly.)  I guess she just needs some help.  When I had no damn clue what to do with my hair, and bitching about about other extremely expensive salons, looking at pictures…  Do you know what “Hair Guru” did?

He looked at my face for less then two minutes and said, “Let’s get the party started!” He gave me the BEST haircut I’ve ever had.

My hair is driving me nuts.  Let’s see if we can do something radical and uber-funky.  I think I need it.

Well, I don’t know if I need it.  It just might be something kind of fun or nice? Because those two words are definitely lacking from my life right now.

  1. Kevin

    Here’s hoping ‘hair guru’ does you right! Getting your hair done kinda different and outside the scope of “Professional” is great – can be a huge self-boost – something positive that you can’t help but focus on a lot.

    What a great idea, I so wish I could do that too! Alas, the days of torturing my long hair with bleach, dye, and buzzers are long-gone (my girlfriend would say mercifully so), but it used to be a sort of self-medication for me. A haircut to me now no longer involves an occasional visit with a ‘hair guru’ but rather an every-other-day appointment with a Gillette Sensor Excel. Maybe I’ll just have to get my first tattoo instead, “Professional Look” be damned?


  2. Hi Kevin. Hair Guru has never let me down. It will probably be a similar process, though.

    I’ll walk in and say, “I want to look like an Anime Character!”

    He’ll say, “Alright, dahlin’,” in his cute, British accent. “Have any ideas? Somethin’ in mind? Any particular character?”

    *PA pauses*

    With a daft look, I’ll respond, “Well, you should know me by now. I have no clue at all about my hair!”

    Then, I’ll become more daft, as I’ll probably continue to ramble on about Anime and Manga, young Japanese guys looking all Bishonen! *laughing*

    Although, that might be the way to go anyway. I think it would suit me, plus my hair is so damn thin!

    That’s funny about your girlfriend. I have no one left in my life to give me a hard time about what I used to do to my hair when I was younger. I was a goth. Well, my mother and my sister, are still around but I don’t think they care anymore. But if I go all “Bishonen” out the teasing may come again!

    Interesting about it being a form of “self-medication” for you. I know a lot of people claim they feel good when doing it for a specific reason. Usually it’s something driven out of a need for change. It may be dissatisfaction, a whim, a ritual if something has happened that’s made a strong impact on their lives. Then it can be almost be cathartic!

    Not me. I just know I feel a lot better when things are finally tidied up and I’m not eating my hair anymore! *laughs again*

    So, you just shave it all down, then. I’ve always been curious about what I’d look like bald. Yes, with my mind, who knows what fruit it will bear–either rotten or fresh.

    A tattoo? I’ve thought about that several times. I never ended up getting one, though. I’ve always been happy I didn’t! That’s just me, however. I don’t mind tats on others. Well, hang on.

    I think there are some lines that need to be drawn (sorry, couldn’t resist that one.) With some of today’s trends? GAH.

    I do tend to feel rather ill, when I see a young girl walking by, and her drawers are pulled down sooo looowww… Then, there’s this drawing of who gives a damn, plunging down… And lord help me if I see a thong! It’s like a painted version of “Female Plumber’s Butt!” I can’t stand it!!!

    Oh, and I should make a correction. I don’t really suck at all things girly. My “Professional Looks” did require some styling. A fair bit, actually.

    I don’t wear makeup as I can’t stand the feel of it on my face. Aspie Sensory thing? I’ve been told I don’t need it, so I guess that’s good? I don’t look like some horrific beast without the application of foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner? Okay.

    Also, I can choose appropriate girly clothes. And not look like a total dork. At least I don’t think so. More comments from people that I look alright? Unless they immediately turn their backs and start laughing at me.

    If nothing more, black never goes out of style. Oh, wait. I was particularly proud when I bought these. HA! In reading the post, I also said the same thing: “Black never goes out of style.”


    So, what do you think of those?


  3. Kevin

    Ahhh, describing to your ‘hair guru’ what you want your hair to look like… that takes me back. When my hair was thinning, it was easy: the George Clooney was the only thing I could pull off. When my hair was long? Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, pretty much anyone metal… In between? “Umm, I don’t know, I just want it to look nice?!?” Helpful, Kevin, very helpful. Heavy Metal people, anime characters, practically the same thing.

    I don’t know if self-medication can fully describe my “fun with hair” periods in my life, come to think of it. I’d never thought about it this way, but during grad school – I went through (natural brown) long hair, long/mohawk, short buzz, platinum blonde Eminem short hair, pink short hair, purple short hair, and then shaved clean all within the span of about a month and a half. Manic episode, LOL, followed by the 2nd worst crash I’ve ever had! My dissertation adviser thought I was insane, turns out she wasn’t wrong after all!

    Tatoos – I’d never had the guts to put something on me I couldn’t remove, but I’ve always wanted too. I use to be reluctant in terms of looking professional, but now I don’t really care. By professional looks, I mean the stuff on my arm I want to get. But, I feel the girlfriend will be invaluable here in keeping me from using really bad judgment.

    LOL, makeup and the Aspie thing. What can you actually feel, foundation? I (regrettably) used to wear more makeup than I care to admit when I was in a band years ago but never ran into any of those Aspie issues – (again regrettably) wearing way too much spandex was my Aspie issue.

    And you’re right, black never goes out of style!


  4. Hi Kevin. Yes, crazy hair of days gone by. When doing my goth thing, I used to bend over with my head upside down every day. I’d use a half a can/bottle of hairspray to make it stand up! Also, crimping irons sometimes. Actually, I have a set of irons with a crimping attachment, I think! Hey, I can go back into my “hair past.”

    And, wow. Hair past. That’s “Manic Hair!” Or something. I don’t really know what else to call it. I suppose it could have been worse. You weren’t out blowing loads of cash or other nutso things that can get us into so much trouble. You were just into playing with your hair!

    Tattoos. I always felt I never knew what on earth I’d want to permanently put on my body. The first two times I was hypomanic as all hell and dating women. Each of them (each time) were trying to convince me to get matching ones! I’m SO glad I didn’t do that since they dumped me after a few weeks! Nice “memory” to have. *rolls eyes*

    The third was when something very traumatic happened. That was a memory I wanted to keep. However, at the last minute I decided against it. The memories in my head were good enough.

    Makeup? I have a sensitive face? No, when wearing it, I feel like I’m a clown. It feels heavy on my face! All messy and globby. Maybe if someone were to just put a tiny bit on me, I could try it out. But yes, I can really feel it on my wee, sensitive face, I guess.

    Then again, how can you be a true goth without the makeup? I didn’t wear the white pancake and heavy, black eyeliner all the time. Also, I chose red lipstick and not black. I still did it, though. Odd.

    You had spandex issues. Oh! I LOVE spandex! I still wear it! *giggles*


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