I can’t believe this has actually happened.  Although, at least I had a bit of warning.  Between yesterday and today, we’ve leapt up a whopping 15°C! If you don’t know what that means for wee PAs head, MIGRAINE!!! Well, that’s the only correlation I’ve ever been able to ascertain.

The “second time in my life?” No, most assuredly this is not only the second migraine I have ever had.  I wish!

Today is my birthday.  It’s okay folks, keep it down to dull roar (or no roar) with the well wishes.  This is the second time in my life when I’ve gotten a migraine on my birthday!!! Nice birthday pressie? No, I think it’s “a sign.”

You see, by having to go through this again on the exact day I was born is incredibly demonstrative of something very serious.  It is telling me just how much Bad Karma I really have.  Oh, boy.  I’d better start working on rectifying that situation immediately.

I have no control of the weather! I know that.  Actually, I have no control over Karma, either! Should I go as far as not killing any living things no matter what? I’m so phobic about insects, though!

Well, I guess I’ll just have to try and do my best.  The last Birthday Migraine was a total puker but this one isn’t.  Maybe that shows that my Karma has improved (or did improve!) since then? *sighs*


  1. Happy birthday, PA!!!! Let this be the BEST year ever!!! <3 you bunches!!!


  2. Trinigirlblue

    Happy Birthday sweetheart. Sorry about the migraine, my mother’s is tomorrow so I shall always remember yours now


  3. Kevin

    Happy Birthday PA. You’re doing fine w/ karma – I have to say that your blog often brightens my days during what is right now a really crappy time in my life. Thank you!


  4. Happy Birthday hun. Sorry about the shitty migraine. I’m sending healing Korean vibes.


  5. Hi Mom. Good to see you. It’s been ages. Thanks and I hope this will be the BEST year for everyone–not just me!

    Love you bunches, too.

    Hi TriniGirlBlue. Thanks for coming by and saying Happy Birthday, too. It’s funny. At one point, I came across about six or seven people who had the same birthday as me!

    Say Happy Birthday to your mom for me. Even though I’ve never met her. O.o

    Hi Kevin. Thank you, also. I’m happy to hear you think I’m okay in the Karma department. I’m still having my doubts, though.

    However, I am even happier (and feel kind of silly about it) that my blog can brighten your days during such a crappy time in your life. You’re most welcome.

    Hi katm. Thanks as well, hon. Yes, stupid migraine! At least I know that they (and their fallout) only run two days. Having that predictability is good.

    Thank you for the healing vibes from Korea, as well. I’ll never stop taking those!


  6. Heeeeyyyy PA, happy birthday, my friend!

    Sorry I missed you bday; i hope that despite your migraine and despite the bad karma you seem to believe you possess, it was a good day.

    So it happens that I got married that day so from now on, I will be tie to you; my anniversary will be the day of your bday…how about that..?

    Anyway, hugs. Hope you are well.



  7. Butterflywings

    Sorry I missed this – happy birthday for Friday hon, but sorry you got a migraine, that sucks.


  8. Hi Maria. Not to worry about missing my birthday. People don’t need to keep a 24/7 tracking system of my life. Why???

    My life pretty much sucks. You could make a really boring documentary of a person and their sucky life, I suppose. *doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry*

    You’ll have to pardon me. I’m a bit confused at the moment. I wrote something last night that I think sounds like a combination of really bad Sartre and a Harlequin Romance Novel. I can’t be sure as I haven’t gone back to look at it yet out of sheer terror.

    So yes, I’m a bit rattled by what my brain decided to write about last night. And it’s outcome.

    That is really cool we both now share an anniversary. Congratulations to both of you. I am very happy for you.

    *hugs back*

    Hi Butterflywings. As above, nobody needs to track me like I was wearing a GPS. Well, unless they really WERE that interested in me. Which I don’t think anyone really is.

    However, if you ARE that interested, please let me know. That means you either want to start dating me, or you’re a stalker. Or both.

    Then again, I may not hear from anyone who is interested. That could mean there really isn’t anyone interested in me at all, or everyone is a bunch of shy potential daters/stalkers.

    Oh, where was I? Right. Thank you as well for the Happy Birthday wishes. Yes, the migraine. Unavoidable, unfortunately.

    Now I just feel like I have some kind of hangover (must have been what I wrote last night as mentioned above.) I think today I’d better take it easy. Or I may write more. I have been doing a lot but it’s been taking a lot out of me, as well.


  9. Erm…*sigh*…it’s true, we (the people) do not need to keep a 24/7 tracking system of you life, you are quite right.

    But when we know someone and have exchanged some information, when we have reached ‘some’ degree of emotional intimacy usually associated with friendship, we like to share birthdays and special days with those we are forming friendships with and feel rather some degree of sorrow, when we are not able to do so. That was the case with your birthday.

    I am sorry this message seemed not to have reached you in the best of days; hopefully things will somehow get better soon.

    Thank you and please take care, PA.


  10. Hi Maria. I was just joking when I mentioned the 24/7, GPS stuff. Being all sci-fi and silly.

    But you are definitely right when you say you do want to keep some form of “connectedness” (I just wanted to be more silly and say that instead of “connection”) with people in your life that you do become close to, yes?

    Again, it’s alright that you only missed my birthday by two days! There’s nothing wrong with “Belateds!”

    I used to say your birthday could be celebrated all year long if you wanted. Why not? You’re alive every day!

    I also have a funny habit of buying pressies for other people on my birthday. Well, why not! It WAS my birthday after all. I should be able to celebrate it however I wished! If that meant caring less about people giving me pressies and wanting to give them to others, so be it! *pokes tongue out to the world*

    Not that people giving me pressies didn’t mean anything. Oh, no! If ANYONE gives me a pressie for any reason, OMG! Just the mere thought that they wanted to give me one is pressie enough! That goes for more than my silly, little birthday, or any holiday, as well.

    I hope things will get better soon, too. After several years of things being not so “getting better” I kept saying to myself (mostly on New Year’s Day) this will be “The Year!” Everything will get better! I could also say it now. I don’t think I will, though. Perhaps if I don’t, things actually will get better. HA!

    You take care, too.


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