Archive for March 7th, 2011

I have my CT tomorrow.  I doubt it will show anything.  Nope.  Nothing.  I’ve said this with my past MRIs, as well.  The scans will show nothing, too.  And they never did.

It was because I thought I had an empty head.  Which I’m certain is true, now.  I had my doubts before, but not anymore.

When I was always told the results came back as “Negative” I was sure it meant something else.  “Negative” didn’t mean the scans couldn’t detect any problems.  “Negative” was all to do with my physician’s feelings.  They always felt so disappointed and dismayed.  Completely downtrodden because one day, someday, they hoped to find more than an empty head.  So, “Negative” really described their entire mental state after viewing my scans.

I think one day when I went for a follow up with a particular doctor, it may have gotten so bad, it spilled over and affected the entire office staff.  That guy probably might have been resurrected from his overwhelming state of grief, just to find a peanut shell in my head.  No such luck, though.

I can let you guys know how it all turns out, but I don’t think anything will be different.  However, at least I finally now know I have an empty head.  That explains quite a lot.  Well, way more than quite a lot.

This fact is kind of scary.  Well, way more than kind of scary.  I’m the first, lethal, unloaded weapon on the planet.