The MP3 may not be so crazy.  It’s just me?

I’m trying to create three Playlists in iTunes at once right now.  Also, with only having just a tad bit of tea to drink so far.  Now, that is crazy.  It’s like “ADD Boot Camp.”  Even for someone who didn’t have ADD, it could still be pretty ruthless.

Furthermore, I’m trying to get a bunch of paperwork organized, and I think I need to get ready to leave the house kind of soon…’ish? I’m going to be late.  I know that.

I don’t think I’ll be able to manage to fit in a shower.  That’s okay.  I’m only going to meet J., and after we’re done, some church group or some people are showing up.  No, I’m not going to church.  They’re offering a free dinner to the poor, shelter-living, and homeless-types.

J. said, “They really put on a good spread, too!” *rolls eyes and shakes head*

My first free meal as a homeless-type person.  Not that I mind, or think there’s anything wrong with that!

ASIDE: (With a “plate” full of irony), I have served dinners to the homeless in the past.

However, despite that silly fact above, I’ve been visiting Food Banks already.  This will just be another “new experience,” along with so many other “new experiences,” regarding the entire “New Experience,” of getting laid off/being made redundant.

Anyway, that was a bit of a story that has no relevance to the song.  It only bears witness to my ADDled state of mind, perhaps?

Wait a second.  Maybe there is a bit of a connection to that brief tale of my life, its state, and this song. *ponders*  I was too lost in ADD land, to think of it until now.

“The Phoenix” by The Cult


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