Uh, maybe.  Kinda? We’ve got both a bit of brain stuff and emotional stuff going on at the moment.

It’s not so bad.  I had advance warning again, but I was crossing all fingers and toes.  We’ve gone from almost, spring-like conditions, to how much snow today? It’s not that cold, but I still couldn’t get away from it.  Not completely.  I’m drifting on the waters around Migraine Island right now.  That means some of whatever moodiness could have been part of the prodrome.  But not all of said moodiness.

After the irony of just writing about where the hell my period was, guess what happened??? That means we’re getting a chance to really test drive the increase of my Clobazam/Frisium up to 60mg, for the Typical Absence Status Epilepticus.

Now, what that means is we’ve got some possible overlapping signs and symptoms.  Both from the TASE, and my Migraine.  That makes things a little challenging.  Yet any TASE problems might also explain why on earth I needed Wonder Cane’s brother last night! So far, okay in that area now.

But again, that doesn’t complete the picture of any said moodiness.  No.

This move (or probable move), is going to be…so much.  Just 24hrs after seeing the place, I’ve been working all day on trying to further negotiate things, looking for “backup” in case other things fall through, finding out information I didn’t even know about it re: city ordinances and by-laws.

And that’s just practical stuff.  I won’t even get into how it’s going to affect me personally.  Yet.

*this close to passing out*

  1. Butterflywings

    Ugh, snow? Sympathies. At least over here spring has sprung.
    Moving is always stressful for anyone – even more so for those of us with health issues. Take care of yourself, OK? x


  2. Hi Butterflywings. Well, our springs may not really hit until April. Even then, we can get some odd snow. That’s kind of rare. March here is a month that can go a bit hither and yon.

    Oh, moving. There’s so much more tied up in it for me–Aspie! One of our issues (for some) is dealing with change. This may be a post coming up for today? I don’t know. Energy in very short supply. However, change is pretty rough for me.

    But thanks hon. I don’t even know if I’ve got the place first, though! I should get it but it’s not yet been confirmed. All should be in order but you never know? If not, find another one fast!



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