Well, it certainly wasn’t like the first one.  With the piss-soaked, stairwells of before.  That dumpster of a place.  And no crack smokers hanging around.  No, they wouldn’t be around.

Around.  A weight around (slight?) I feel of my heart.  It’s not in my beloved neighbourhood.

Shut up you fool! It’s close! Maybe the closest you’ll get! You might (doubtful) be able to cycle down to it, but still.

Fuck off.

Alright.  Enough of the petty logistics.  Am I being petty?

Shut up PA.

It’s good.  Good enough! I don’t have time and I don’t have expense! Everything that I need will fit, I think.

The funniest is that it doesn’t have a kitchen sink! It makes me think of living in uni. and having to do dishes in the bathtub.

Well, there are worse hardships.  Trust me.  However, there are workarounds.  I won’t need to do my dishes in the bathtub.  Just a washbin and such.

So many other people are going through hell in the world.  Like washing your dishes without a sink really matters?

I’m sending in my application tomorrow.

But I’m still sad.


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