Should I Be a Little Concerned Right About Now?

My prospective(?) landlord seems to be holding off on calling me.  Every time we talk about my new(?) flat, he keeps telling me he’ll call me later and later and later…  When I spoke to him today, he said he’d (and was planning to), call me this evening.  Further, he wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise.  Of course, I didn’t press, wanting to look like a good addition to their property!

Well, in my little corner of the world, it is far past “this evening.”  By the time I finish this post, it will be far, far, far past “this evening.”

Now, what could be going on, here? There are three possible things they would (or could), do regarding my application.  A credit check (my credit history is pristine), call my stoopid guvmunt worker, as they want the money to come directly from them.  My stoopid guvmunt worker is good regarding contact and telephone calls.  And finally, contacting my current landlord as a reference.  I saw my current landlord today, and asked him if he had received a call.  He told me he hadn’t.

So.  If there was a problem or some kind of hold up, why not tell me when I call? Why not explain to me just what the situation is? I don’t have time to piss around.  I have already given my notice and must find a place by May 1st.

Worst case scenario? They’re still fucking showing it, and they’re gonna give it to someone else! Wait a moment.  I’m a bit tired.  According to when I signed off on Twitter to start tossing more crap away, I’ve been going at it for four hours (at time of starting to write this.)  Let’s see if the bloody ad is still up! *whimpers*

Well, well! Despite how spinny you are at the moment, PA, good call! However, not so good a call? The bloody ad is still there.  That may not mean anything, really.  But if I was a “sure thing,” wouldn’t they pull it? Also, “they.”  Two brothers take care of things.  The one I met who showed me the place was really nice (shit, did I fall into THAT trap again?)

As I waited for the ring, I tried to keep myself busy by going through more stuff.  There was a box of papers that I knew was a real jungle.  Or jumble.  Or a jumbled, jungle.  A lot of time needed for that.  The other day, I managed two bags of trash, and one bag of things to donate to a Second Hand store.  My mom and her husband, plus J. were coming over, so no chance for the jumbled jungle! I did that tonight.

Oh, shit.  Good thing I took that Valium earlier.  It wasn’t enough, though.  Grab those tissues, and grab that Gravol! I was freaking out so much, I almost took TWO Gravol pills, and not one! Maybe two would have been a good idea, anyway.  I was feeling pretty nauseous, I’ll tell you!

I really thought it was just a jumbled jungle of a miscellaneous accumulation of paperwork, magazines, old schoolwork.  It was.  However, not only that.  I found some old letters that had been mailed to me from a LONG time ago.  They were from my sister and my friend R.  R. is I guess a “Canadian ex-pat,” who is now teaching in London.  He’s been living there for several years, now.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll post some excerpts.  I was agog.  Shocked.  Stunned.  And crying when I read some things.  At one point, I just had to stop! I couldn’t take it anymore! It’s amazing how sometimes the past can be so strongly linked to the present.  Just in slightly different ways? Maybe? It felt kind of scary as well as “amazing,” too.  Uh, yeah.

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