Bishounen PA!

I finally got a chance to mess around with some product today.  There were some folks who wanted pics, but what the hell, here’s the Bishounen? Or at least one thing I can do?

The First Attempt or Version of Bishounen PA!

So, there you go.  Comment at will.  Good, bad, I won’t take offense.


  1. I like!


  2. Hi katm. Thanks, hon!


  3. May



  4. Kevin

    Bishounen!!! WoooWooo!


  5. Hi May. Thanks, hon. Glad you like it.


  6. Hi Kevin. *blushes* Seems like you “kind of” like it? And I haven’t forgot about the “weighted gear” post for you. Just another photo. This was done on baby MacBook but the other requires tripods and timers…I know…pathetic…

    But I am going to do it for you. I promise!

    Email me to kick me in the arse to do it. Give me punishment as motivation.


  7. I don’t know how you were feeling in the photo, but you look fantastic… so does this mean I can finally post the photos of us?


  8. Hi Gabriel…. Hmmm…how I was feeling. Well, first of all, thank you for the compliment. I’ll also never forget what you said about my non-plucked, eyebrows! *blushes and giggles*

    I guess I felt moderately okay, in that I thought I had done something possibly decent with my hair. Emotionally? I can’t remember. Although, if you’re not used to seeing me smile (our pics, getting to that), I think it’s a bit more of the Asperger’s coming out. All my life until now, I didn’t just compensate for it, I overcompensated for it! Thus: “Smile for the camera!!!”

    I still can smile. I still will. Maybe it all just depends?

    Our pics? Well, I guess so. However, in looking at the ones in my file of us, I don’t know if any of them are worth it! Do you recall the conditions outside?

    I was too damn short, we were both freezing to death, we also ended up being caught up in some ridiculous, wind tunnel!

    Your camera worked better than mine, since mine was such a beast of an SLR. Nonetheless, I still look completely wretched in just about all of them!

    So, if you would like to put up any, please send your choices to me first, for a stamp of approval! If none are approved, you’ll just have to come back and visit me again to take more!



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