MP3 for My Maybe(?) New Landlords

Holy Mother of…well, any screwed up mother, of any screwed up person on the planet! This is insane.  I can only take one more day of it.  Immediately after I wrote my post last night, I said to myself, ‘PA, tomorrow you are starting to look for a new flat!’ And mark my words, if this isn’t sorted by today, I WILL be doing that tomorrow!

I’d get into the “glorious saga,” of all that is happening, but it’s still happening! Suffice it to say, it’s all come down to: “The Almighty Dollar.”

Now, I can appreciate their situation.  Even though they’re as thick as 800 cinder blocks, stacked together with: “The Almighty Adhesive,” Duct Tape (YAY DUCT TAPE!)

Perhaps someone, at some time, said they “could,” cover the rent, but unfortunately, not.  Then, the landlords had been left high and dry, on the hook for it.  That must be truly devastating when you are renting so many other units in your building.  Yet, you managed to get me right into one of them in 30 days.  I can empathize so strongly with your hardships, and pain.  For I am living in poverty, as well–just like you.

My joke is, if you want guaranteed money for rent, the best “income,” in the world, is support from the stoopid guvmunt.  They’ll never fire you.  They’ll never make you redundant because they’re “downsizing.”  If they were to do so, their own employees would have to deal with that!

So, since you won’t take my money, I am so willing to offer, this is for you.  Bloody, stupid twonks.

“Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails


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