Did I even spell that right up there? Can’t tell.  My eyes hurt.  Head too.

I don’t think I could possibly begin to describe my day.  You know that whole spectrum, thing.  Everything that makes up colours.  The acronym is ROYGBIV.  Or, said mnemonic as a name if you wish: Roy G. Biv.  Hello, Mr. Biv!

Well, let’s mix up your acronym!

Pain.  Where should I start? I probably shouldn’t.  There’s too much and I started a list, but let’s roll with it.  I’ll just write what comes out of my painful head.  There’s a lot, so this random post? You will thank me later.

I drove around with my mom and her husband looking for any signs (literally) for apartments.  Not so much.  Picked up loads of scripts needed from my pharmacy.  With said scripts, was told I had to give them useless pieces of paper from the stoopid guvment.  Had to go home, find those, and go back to pharmacy.

Tried to find flats in my neighbourhood that I can’t afford.  My mother’s husband drove so fast and out of control, it probably doesn’t matter.  I had no chance or seeing any signs.  He’s a total arse and I don’t give a shit if he’s 80 years-old.  If I had my license, I’d be wicked on the road, as I always have been! HA!

Oh, trying to sell shit online.  Still not done with that yet.  A couple of bites, but I didn’t get a chance to put pics up this morning.

J.  Fucking J.  We had a LOVELY fight tonight.  Typical of his asinine behaviour.  But it’s not just asinine.  It hurts.  And he makes me cry.  And when it’s really bad, he doesn’t even notice I cry.  He keeps going.

So…I think that’s part of my day.  And I think I need to go to bed.  Oh, yes.

Oops.  I fell down in all the melee of my life, too.  My knee is bruised and buggered to all hell.  I may have a slight wrist sprain, as well.  I’m going to tensor it for bed because I can tend to toss and turn all over.  I guess that’s it.  Grammar, punc., and all that may be not so good, but yeah.



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