WARNING: Extreme profanity ahead!

Well, now.  I don’t know whether to kill or be killed, as I sit here, two-finger typing (which is not how I type.)  It’s really hard, by the way, too.  And slow.  And easily prone to mistakes (or you are when doing it.)

My landlord brought someone by today to look at my place, earlier.  He wanted to open all the blinds to show how much natural light can come in.  Okay.  I never open them because I don’t care.  And so, they left, with the blinds still open.  Oh, I need to fix that, don’t I?

I have repeated ad nauseum (speaking of, I’m rather nauseous right now), what a piece of garbage this flat is.  Guess what else are pieces of garbage?


I shredded three fingers on the little ropes trying to lower them.  Oh, holy hell.  More oh, holy hell? I could just barely put together enough bandages, gauze, but…oh, no! I don’t have enough tape! Makeshift First Aid, indeed! Dr. (Profanity Laden) PA is now wearing surgical gloves to avoid any infection.  She’ll have to go out and buy loads of stuff later! “Bloody” Hell!

Definitely not what I need right now.  Definitely what I’d need ever? And needless to say, definitely a rather terse email sent to my landlord.  Rather pointless, though.  He DEFINITELY won’t care!

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