Oh, my apologies to you all! It appears PA lost a fair bit of control in her post yesterday, while I was not around.  I had just left to pick up more gauze, anti-bacterial cream, tape and surgical gloves.  The trip did not take me very long, but when I returned, I found her post! Good heavens, above!

I have never heard her utter such things in all the time I have known her.  Furthermore, certainly not in one, long string like that! I wanted to sit down with her and have a little discussion when I read it all, but upon seeing her, rather pale and sickly, I decided to wait until this morning.

It is not that I have issues with profanity.  PA, quite obviously, has no issues with profanity! We simply mused about the use of it on her blog, in the future.  I was rather forceful, regarding the last thing she wrote, however.  I feel that was, perhaps, going a bit overboard.  Although, PA is not in the mindset to ponder it all, right now.

She is going to see a flat today, that she desires so much, she is willing to murder anyone who gets in her way.  I suppose profanity, is less of an issue of protection for me to deal with, than murder!

She is also very anxious and on edge, as she is tremendously, spatially challenged.  Her friend J., who can basically look at things in an instant and know everything, told her last night he could not be there for her.

Despite having all things written down with sizing, a measuring tape, everything on a list she could possibly think of otherwise, there will be a lot of other people there, as well.  PA is at least smart enough to keep original links to online postings.  The landlord has since changed it from the one she has.  We suspect it is precisely for that reason.  He has become overloaded with too many responses!

I need to get PA into the shower immediately, so I will bid you adieu.  She wants to be first in line, but with all of the surgical glove business, bandaging and re-bandaging required, it will take some time.  I am going to try and do my best, and hopefully not make her look like some kind of deranged mummy.


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