No, not the song by Led Zeppelin, the movie, anything else.  Just my head.  I made a joke the other day that for someone who is “not fit for work,” I’ve been pulling eight hour days, lately.  Except for yesterday.  That was about 11 hours.

But now, can I still use that joke? It was only seven hours when my brain came to a complete halt.  I mean, it’s just shot to hell.  Can I even squeak in my ADD as an excuse? Damn right, I’m “squeaking,” it in!

Let’s have a wee rundown.  If I can remember everything? It’s probably going to be a bit out of order, too.  I don’t think that matters, so much.  Do you?

I woke up (literally the phone ringing), to a guy from this (really good?) Co-op.  Yes, a Co-op!!! If you EVER get a chance to live in a Co-op, you run screaming past GO, forget everything else on your mind, and collect 2 million dollars!!!

There was an old ad online yesterday, saying they had something available immediately.  I responded.  Well, it didn’t take long to get back to me with an application.  And an appt. in 48hrs!!!

Co-ops are insane.  Well, in this way.  They have incredibly long waiting lists, so just bide your time.  Sit and rot away, until some tenant rots away and dies, before you get your chance.

Speaking of Co-ops, another one I applied to did a reference check with my landlord! I don’t know what that means!!! At what stage in their process do they do that??? I need my Social Worker!!! Boy, is she going to regret (if she doesn’t already), giving me her email address.  That’s a naughty, no-no for clients.  They completely go off their nut, as I have, and start emailing all over!

Next up.  This woman is supposed to come by and pick up a shelving unit I am selling her.  Off her nut? It’s been impossible to contact her for ages, so I just set the date for today at a random time.  Now, she keeps calling and pushing it back by an hour.  Then another hour.  I’m not going anywhere today, but ‘geez, you know!

I’ve partially disassembled it, she says it won’t need to be anymore but…it’s kind of heavy, and there’s some glass involved.  Oh, woman! Just get over here, give me my money, and take it however you want it!

My bloodwork.  My favourite nurse R. from Sweetie GPs office, always calls me, whatever the results.  As is forever the prime suspect: my anemia.  Well, guess what.  I didn’t ask for the readings, as my head had already fallen half off my shoulders, but what she told me was enough–although, with a bit of RBC on the side.

Typically, ferritin low, but she said a bit of a “problem” with my hemoglobin.  I see.  She mentioned supplements I had been on before, and I told her, that I told Gastro Man: “Never again!” Thus, Gastro Man and I decided IV Supplementation.  I then said, Sweetie GP told me she could make the needed referral to hospital.  Reason being, Gastro Man’s referring hospitals are impossible for travel! They’re too far away!

If Sweetie GP goes back on her word, I will simply remain anemic! That’s all there is to it!

She’s really pro-specialist, though.  I can’t remember, but did she say a referral to a Hematologist? Well, maybe that was the first step.  Which is sort of sensible.  You wouldn’t just toss me into some room, find some kind of “iron rich,” blood, and start pumping it into me.  Even if I told them my blood type (B positive if you would like to know.)

It’s on the rarer side of things but at least I have the +.  That’s where I’m not too screwed in the donation dept., but not the best, either.  Universal O or any B (the latter preferable, of course.)  If you want mine, you’re pretty screwed.  B negative? Oh, boy.  SCUH-REWED!!!  Anyway, enough about my blood.  Except that, if I can’t get any more blood, I will still remain anemic.

Oh, I showered, too.  I didn’t want to look like too much like a dazed and confused filthpig.  All for this woman.  Who is making me feel like I’m being stood up for the stupidest date, ever!

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