I Beg Your Pardon! Did I Really Hear That?

Since I first woke up, everything has now stopped and all is quiet.  Silent.  I am looking at my blog, this page, and feeling I should make a post.  I don’t know what to say.

Sometimes we say too much, when we really should remain quiet.  Silent.  This, I now know.

If I should do so, it doesn’t mean I am withholding, I don’t care, there are hidden agendas, anything else you could imagine.

So, I shall say no more.  Remain quiet.  Silent.  Until one day, it may be the time to loosen my lips, and untie my tongue.

  1. Kevin

    In support of your silence, PA, I’ll resolve to remain silent on your blog until that day comes too… Drat, broke the silence already…. Okay, from this point on. I swear. Oops. I’d make a pretty horrible Buddhist monk, huh? Excepting maybe the shaved head. Okay, duct taping some mittens on to my hands…now


  2. Hi Kevin. This post wasn’t really about my blog. It was about me. My life. Facets of it. Thoughts.

    I’ve fucked up a lot by saying too much–and especially the ways in which I’ve done it.

    But at least now I can see it. I know I’m not perfect. No one is.

    Hopefully, I’ll get more chances in the future. Attempts to try not to fuck things up, and not to continue to make more of the similar messes I did in the past.

    It doesn’t mean I won’t stop being honest, though. I’ll never do that.


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