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Sweetie GP’s right on the job, but she made me feel like more of a wreck than I already thought I was.  Also, kind of like an old woman. *rolls eyes*

We went over my recent blood work, some of which I knew.  Ferritin, low.  Hemoglobin, low (although, I’ve never had low readings, there.)

I’m being referred to a Hematologist, to go the IV transfusion route, over the icky, oral supplements.  Also, money.  Let’s hope this person isn’t an idiot and/or I won’t run into any problems, there.  Dr. PA doesn’t know if there are any difficult issues with typing, matching etc… for iron supplementation.

There was one more thing that I wasn’t told when my favourite nurse called me with the results.  Vitamin D.

Well, this isn’t really so surprising (even though it’s never been a problem before), as I do live in Canada, not California.  I know, that’s not a country, but alliteration is fun.

Irrespective of our country’s lack of sunshine year round (for the general population), my Vitamin D issues seem to be of more importance.  How curious?

Could it have more to do with sunshine? I think if it were only that, Sweetie GP could just prescribe buy me an airline ticket to a warmer location of my choosing.  She didn’t do that.  Nor did she waltz out of the office, suggesting I buy some kind of “sun-lamp-doo-dad-whatcha-ma-whoozit-thingy.”

She wanted me to do something else.  Well, “asked.”  She never “tells,” me to do anything.

Notably, (young-lady-ly), I never developed Rickets.  Howeverly, (old-lady-ly), Sweetie GP wants me to go for a Bone Density Test.  She told me she doesn’t usually ask her patients do this until they’re into their 50s, but would I be okay with it?

Sure, I would! No problem! Why wouldn’t I? After all, a lot of mornings I really DO wake up and wonder if my entire skeletal system can support me!

“Remove the following from your racks and inventory immediately! Stock No. Patient Anonymous.  Inform all purchasers as soon as possible! A press release has already been sent to all media outlets! Not even a refurbish is possible with this product!”

I’m 41, and always get guessed under my age (sometimes way under my age.)  Now I’m taking a test that I probably wouldn’t for the next 10-15 years? I also continually have “weak,” blood.  I won’t even bother with the rest of my Gastro business.  This is just my body, as well.  Forget my brain!

Ah, and speaking of that useless part of my anatomy, we’re working on ditching Merlin #2.  This made Sweetie GP unhappy.

It has been made quite apparent that he has a useless piece of anatomy, too.  He’s lost his heart.  He no longer cares.  For my psychiatrist to not even ask me what is wrong, when I am crying uncontrollably, directly in front of him? That is not only incredibly painful, but completely unacceptable.

I need someone to treat all of me.  All that is inside my head, and all that is inside my heart.  He used to do that.  All of my other physicians still do that.  It’s time to cut him loose.  I don’t know how, or why, but it’s too bad he turned out to be like this.