Sweetie GP’s right on the job, but she made me feel like more of a wreck than I already thought I was.  Also, kind of like an old woman. *rolls eyes*

We went over my recent blood work, some of which I knew.  Ferritin, low.  Hemoglobin, low (although, I’ve never had low readings, there.)

I’m being referred to a Hematologist, to go the IV transfusion route, over the icky, oral supplements.  Also, money.  Let’s hope this person isn’t an idiot and/or I won’t run into any problems, there.  Dr. PA doesn’t know if there are any difficult issues with typing, matching etc… for iron supplementation.

There was one more thing that I wasn’t told when my favourite nurse called me with the results.  Vitamin D.

Well, this isn’t really so surprising (even though it’s never been a problem before), as I do live in Canada, not California.  I know, that’s not a country, but alliteration is fun.

Irrespective of our country’s lack of sunshine year round (for the general population), my Vitamin D issues seem to be of more importance.  How curious?

Could it have more to do with sunshine? I think if it were only that, Sweetie GP could just prescribe buy me an airline ticket to a warmer location of my choosing.  She didn’t do that.  Nor did she waltz out of the office, suggesting I buy some kind of “sun-lamp-doo-dad-whatcha-ma-whoozit-thingy.”

She wanted me to do something else.  Well, “asked.”  She never “tells,” me to do anything.

Notably, (young-lady-ly), I never developed Rickets.  Howeverly, (old-lady-ly), Sweetie GP wants me to go for a Bone Density Test.  She told me she doesn’t usually ask her patients do this until they’re into their 50s, but would I be okay with it?

Sure, I would! No problem! Why wouldn’t I? After all, a lot of mornings I really DO wake up and wonder if my entire skeletal system can support me!

“Remove the following from your racks and inventory immediately! Stock No. Patient Anonymous.  Inform all purchasers as soon as possible! A press release has already been sent to all media outlets! Not even a refurbish is possible with this product!”

I’m 41, and always get guessed under my age (sometimes way under my age.)  Now I’m taking a test that I probably wouldn’t for the next 10-15 years? I also continually have “weak,” blood.  I won’t even bother with the rest of my Gastro business.  This is just my body, as well.  Forget my brain!

Ah, and speaking of that useless part of my anatomy, we’re working on ditching Merlin #2.  This made Sweetie GP unhappy.

It has been made quite apparent that he has a useless piece of anatomy, too.  He’s lost his heart.  He no longer cares.  For my psychiatrist to not even ask me what is wrong, when I am crying uncontrollably, directly in front of him? That is not only incredibly painful, but completely unacceptable.

I need someone to treat all of me.  All that is inside my head, and all that is inside my heart.  He used to do that.  All of my other physicians still do that.  It’s time to cut him loose.  I don’t know how, or why, but it’s too bad he turned out to be like this.

  1. I believe you can get Vitamin D supplements, though they’re most likely oral. You seem to have problems absorbing stuff, so they might not do any good.

    I’ve heard good thing about the Iron supplements via IV.

    As far as Merlin #2 goes, dump his ass to the curb. There’s no reason for him to totally ignore the emotional distress you were in. Some people should be pathologists just so they don’t have to deal with people.


  2. Hi katm. Yes, you can get supplements. She was running around, trying to find me any samples (again money problems), but she only found one small box of drops for kids! Same thing, but I’d just need more, so the bottle wouldn’t last long!

    Gastro-Man and I went over the IV supplementation. He was all for it as an alternative. He said it would throw your levels right up for a few months. Then, do more bloods, and if anything falls, simply do the treatment again. Sounds fine to me! That’s another reason I want to go that route–money. Constantly paying for the OTC supplements will make a big dent in my wallet.

    The only drawback, is that I think it takes a long time. I can’t remember what he he told me, but an hour or more to be somehow “transfused?”

    If it’s really long, maybe I can bring baby MacBook in and watch movies or something. I know they play movies for longer durations of different blood type donations. Well, they do over here!

    I’m really sad about Merlin #2. You know how my relationships are with my current physicians, and how hard it has taken me to find them. I don’t know what his problem is, as he used to be so sweet, kind and caring! He doesn’t do therapy, but when things were really bad for me, he used to tell me to come back every week or two just to talk!!!

    Also, we were of like mind. Just like all of my other physicians. Dr. PA and Merlin #2. It was always a collaboration, where at times, I guided my own treatment, he agreed, end of story.

    God, to hell with pathology, my dear katm. I think a better specialty would be Proctology! However, assholes may also fall under the specialty of Urology. Minor details, really, because he’s now a big prick, too!


  3. Kevin

    Is there a reason Merlin #2 changed overnight and is so withdrawn from you as a patient? A fundamental disagreement in the course of your treatment from which neither of you will budge? Some of his psychiatric colleagues held him down and forced him into a straitjacket overnight as a sick joke that he just couldn’t handle? He was mountain biking in the desert and wiped out badly, ending up with half of a cactus firmly stuck in his tucus? Oh sorry, the last one is me. Okay, probably the second one to some degree too…

    Of course the bottom line is that if you’re uncomfortable with the doctor or their recommendations, find a new one, as much as a pain in the tucus as that is. They don’t have to agree with you, and you don’t have to blindly accept what they say.

    I wouldn’t sweat the vitamin D thing. People’s vitD levels vary widely and a single reading isn’t all that great of an indicator of your overall or long-term levels. Plus, you’re just coming out of winter (hopefully) where you could sit in the cold sun all day and never be able to make a dent in your levels. But hey, the bone density test won’t *hurt* you. Actually, I have no idea what they do for a bone density test?!? Maybe they try to cut through your femur with a dull hacksaw and time how long it takes – that’d hurt I guess?


  4. Hi Kevin. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I’ve not been well. I’ll get to more of that in a post (requires fair detail) at some point. Also, re: immediate, physical unwell, I’m riding the Gravol Wave if I sound “weird” in any way. Well, apart from my consistent and persistent weird.

    As far as Merlin #2, I really don’t understand it. It took me years to assemble my unbelievable, medical team, and that’s what it is (was?) at least to me. They listen. They care. They’re smart. They’re even funny! We all worked together, even if I was sometimes just a cog to keep everyone up to date.

    Moreover, I managed to find physicians who were willing to work with me on the same level. They understood my med-geekiness, and it was okay. They didn’t have ego issues, they didn’t think I had ego issues, lots more. It was all collaborative. He was no exception.

    I still fail to understand our slow decline to now what it is. As I see it, he is only fit to prescribe me my ADD meds. Nothing more.

    True, he only handles people with AD(H)D, and is in private practice. True, he does not provide therapy. But on the “not true” side, whenever he has been really worried about me in the past, he has made me make appts. every week or two. Those appts. were to TALK! Yes, at least some form of therapy!

    He also blew me away by giving me repeats of my stims! Now that implies some trust, I think? Physicians only give stims away for a month! He’d give me six months! I jumped with joy, as it meant less appts. with him, and made things so much easier!

    I do like all of your suggestions as to what really may be the problem. They also may very well be true! Apart from the cacti? More like his head up is ass! Well, maybe because he’s SO BIG AN ASS, there’s room for 50 cacti and his head (and more?)

    You are totally right about not having to deal with a doctor re: what they say, or if you are uncomfortable in any way. I mean that. Not just about medical issues! I do have to laugh a bit at your last sentence of that paragraph. …blindly accept what they say. Crikey! He didn’t SAY anything the last time we met!

    Going through the Bone Density Scan didn’t involve any sharp, or (potentially), lethal objects. Although, I knew it would be something different than a “regular” X-ray, as it was part of the Nuclear Diagnostics part of the Imaging Dept.

    I didn’t have to undress completely. Just my shoes off, as it’s your full body so they need to scan your feet. I also had an underwire bra on, so I had to undo that, and sort of lift it up a bit so the metal wouldn’t interfere with any views of my chest/ribs/spine/whatever.

    For the upper part of my body, they kept my legs up on this big, cushioned box. Maybe to keep me still or a better angle of the pelvis. I am thinking the latter, as the scan was so brief.

    Then, goodbye box and my lower body. I had to twist my right leg, and especially my foot for that view.

    The machine scanner just went back and forth over my body. Even my entire body several times. It looked like a blue, fluorescent bar, that just slid slowly, perhaps two ft. above me? All in, the entire procedure took about 15 minutes. I’m seeing Sweetie GP on Monday for the results (and a whole lot more to talk about.)


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