From Aspie Penguin…

Oh, how my wee PA is a disaster! She just went to pack baby MacBook and realized she had not turned it off last night!

She does still have access to an unsecured signal, since she moved into the flat she is vacating today.  It has been here for the entire four years! It still hasn’t gone away, so I can make this last post for her.  We will both get back to you at some point.  Hopefully, as soon as possible.

However, even when she does get her Internet installed at her new place of residence, she may be in bed, non-functional for an indefinite period.  I will do my best to rouse her, if that is the case.

Best to all of you,
Aspie Penguin

  1. Good thing that wee lil’ PA (opps, nearly said her real name!) has you to take care of her.


  2. Aspie Penguin

    Hello, canageek. I am sorry for not replying sooner. I have been rather busy with PA, as she is not in the best of shape right now.

    However, I have convinced her to make her very own Tweet, in a very long time, this morning. It said: “Hi.”

    Well, we all have to start somewhere, don’t we? Right now, she is pondering the comments that have been left on her blog. She is feeling it unfair that she has neglected people for so long; especially the new people. She feels they definitely need to be addressed.

    Also, do not to worry about almost mentioning her real name. It would have been caught and deleted. A long time ago, PA mentioned her real name in a blog post by accident, because she was so tired when she wrote it! It took another blogger who actually read it, to notify her that she had done it!

    So, I will carry on with my regular morning duties, and begin preparing PAs tea now. That will hopefully make her more clear, give her a bit more time to review her blog, and think of what she might say.

    Take care, good man.


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