I Don’t Know How to Come Back

It’s been about three weeks since I moved.  I guess I took a “Self-enforced Blogging Break,” without announcing it to you, or even to me.  I didn’t expect this.  It just “happened.”  As time went by.  I’ve even made a list of reasons (so far), why I couldn’t face my blog or even Twitter.  And beyond that? Whoa.  Just looking at this now is making my heart race so fast.  I’m freaking out.  Totally.

But I’m here now? For now? Maybe post that list sometime later? Maybe look at my Twitter Follows that I see are all sitting in my Inbox? Stream a song on MP3 of the Moment? Yeah, I think I can do that last one.

“De Profundis (Out of the Depths of Sorrow)” by Dead Can Dance

Take care,

  1. Just take it one minute at a time, PA. You’ll do OK. I know it’s overwhelming, but just take tiny steps.

    Much <3 to you.


  2. Glad to see you back. No pressure on blogging or tweeting or any of those other online things. I’m an eye if you ever need to talk.


  3. Kevin

    Heya PA. You just made your comeback, so nothing to worry about. And you made it Keanu Reeves-style at that, what with your “Whoa” and all. Welcome to the Hall of Presidents!

    Even if your post is more of an aberration at the moment than a sign of things to come right away, I’m sure a heap of people are just plain happy to hear from you. Hope all is going well.


  4. Butterflywings

    Second the above comments, good to see you back, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself, baby steps.


  5. Hi Mom. As it always goes, “Mom.” Even though it’s more like sisters. Thank you so much for your support. You’ve been with me ever since we first met. Much love to you, too.

    Hi katm. Yep, always no pressure in the online world, right? That’s a hard one for me to obey. I’ve always got to right on it, right on the ball with my blog. Well, life dropped the ball for/on me big time, huh? Thank you, hon.

    Hi Kevin. Well, that was a pretty nerve-wracking “comeback!” Seriously. Things are still rather tenuous, but at least I am a bit more “here.” At the moment?

    I have very high standards and expectations I feel I must meet (online or not.) I alluded to such in responding to katm. Of course I would never expect the same from others. Of course I have been told over and over how utterly ridiculous that is. However, it seems that this fact may have drawn me back–to some degree?

    Thanks to you too, dear. It also helps that you think I sound all cool-like.

    Hi Butterflywings. Thank you for commenting here and giving support, as well. You’ve been tremendous since we first met, too. Oh, hell! You all have! Everyone has!

    As per all of the above, you will note I’m not so good at the whole “no pressure,” and “baby steps,” thing.

    Although, as also previously mentioned, life really smacked me down this time. I may have no choice than to take your advice, right along with everyone else’s.


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