Archive for May 21st, 2011

Everything’s still kind of messy around here.  My blog and not commenting.  Twitter Follows.  My Inbox is a disaster.  Me? Oh, yeah.  Me.  And that list of “stuff.”

Well, here’s one on the list.  Maybe whittled down from other “stuff,” that it’s tied to? Agoraphobia.  I can’t really leave the main intersection right out front of my building.  Unless I’m in a car with someone?

Well, still having problems with the online world and that.  Online Agoraphobia? Should that be one for the up-and-coming DSM-V?

I do sort of want to get this post out though.  A little pub/cafe with free Wi-Fi.  They seem to like me there.  They give me take away beer in a brown bag.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Never in my life.  Anywhere.  Seriously.  Also, highly on the Q.T., and highly illegal.

So, on my patio (yeah, something about my wee place), enjoying a bottle of suds right now.