I find it’s very interesting that I can type a lot faster when in this state.  Sure, there may be a few typos, but my fingers move like the demons in my head, across the keyboard, nonetheless.


This post is about something.  Not just your typing.

Tomorrow is going to be rough.  Two doctors, getting past the agora…wait, you don’t know that one from “The List.”

I couldn’t sleep last night due to this, and I don’t know if I will be able to tonight.

My Clobazam/Frisium.  Can my Neuro get it since Big Pharma is withholding it from all the pharmacies? If he can’t, is it available through hospitals? I’ll go inpatient tomorrow! But I have to see my GP, too.

Because I have to see if I have I have Osteoporosis.  Or anything resembling it? And talk about a lot more of “stuff.”

So, a lot of co-ordination and calls and appts. and not knowing where I’m going and…yeah.  And call my pharmacy to see if Big Pharma is doing this with any other drugs? Is it just my Clobazam/Frisium (that would be their manufacturer Novopharm, the goddamn, fucking bastards!)

So here I sit.  I haven’t even taken my meds (well, a Valium), but it took me hours to get a very restless sleep last night.  Right now, I feel like I’ll be up forever.

So, here I sit on my “quiet floor,” where I think I may be the loudest person–blasting Depeche Mode.  I think I’ll turn it up now.

Here’s a tune for you.  If you know me, it’s me.  If you don’t feel the same way, it’s still me.

“Sometimes” by Depeche Mode


  1. Don’t know what to say hun, let me know if you want to message, phone, or if you want it less personal email or smoke signal or whatever.


  2. Hi Canageek. I woke up earlier (yes got a bit of sleep), and realized I could have also said “manic” typing. I type very fast then, as well. I just wasn’t manic last night. At least I don’t think?

    Thanks for your comment. I just spoke to Non-Arsey Neuro a bit ago, and his hands are pretty much tied. He said that some companies really do have long periods where they stop production. Or god help me, stop producing a drug at all. Still, it’s no longer under patent so…

    I don’t know. Not even awake yet. I’ll talk to Sweetie GP this afternoon, regarding the finer nuances of how Big Pharma can totally suck, and potentially kill people.

    Bottom line, here? It’s going to be the day after Thanksgiving for a long time! That’s right! Cold Turkey Sandwiches every day! I’m quitting it, and we’re going to monitor me to see if I flip out at all.

    Maybe I’ll be just fine. Who knows? I’m still pretty scared, though.


  3. I’d offer to make you some, but I don’t have medicinal quality gear or nearly enough experience to do it safely. Give me 10-20 years and I’ll be more help.

    Do you know what company it is? I hope it isn’t the one I used to work for (Though I wouldn’t be surprised.)


  4. Hi Canageek. Thanks for the offer, but can’t wait that long. As mentioned above the original manufacturer was Novopharm but there are lots of generic manufacturers that can make it after the patent expires.

    Like Apo- Novo- Mylan-!!! Yes, that last generic was a weird one I’d never been on for my Concerta. I may be getting some soon. Let’s hope and really, not about political ballyhoo. I was wrong.


  5. Hi Doodle Addicted. That you for visiting (and your first!)

    I’m very flattered and pleased that you have enjoyed and found some of this junk useful. *laughing*

    You’ve linked to the exact Doodle pertaining to Insomnia and I usually shorten urls for Ugly Spammage on both parts.

    However, Since it was (possibly) done due to this blog (am I sounding egotistical?!) I’ll leave it up.

    Thank you so much!



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