Stumbling down the catwalk patio, stoned out of your mind on cocaine Gravol with a cane, wearing hospital pyjamas, the closest T-shirt within reach, and an old pair of Afghan Socks.  The crowning adornment to the designer’s creation is the addition of a Tilley Hat.  Not only is it fresh and original, but the absolute best choice for reducing photophobia, due to its large brim!

Seriously.  Me outside yesterday.  Close your eyes and picture it.  Even more fun for those of you that know me? Or if you don’t, hunt around on this blog to find pics of me for a better visual.

Wow.  How many days has it been since cold turkey off the Clobazam/Frisium? Five, I think? Gravol, indeed–for breakfast! Also, Ibuprophen.  Both every four hours as indicated! Although, I’m trying to sneak some gentle food into my body before it completely wakes up and actually notices. 

“Purple nin-JAH Food Sneak Attack!!!

Ugh.  Speaking of waking up, I’m having seizures in my sleep? Fucking fantabulous.  Yesterday morning, I could feel my eyes rolling all over the place in their sockets.  Yep, a lot of experience there as far as Simple partials.  I just couldn’t get my hand up to touch/check my eyes!

This morning? Oh, shit.  I live alone, so nobody else is around to confirm any “bumps in the night.” *rolls eyes but not having seizure*

Anyway, I woke up early again this morning and uh…Todd’s paresis from the neck down? It took me a good minute or so to finally get my arm going to reach for my water bottle.  My other arm was “trapped” under the pillow, but I didn’t really care so much about that.  My right one was working, so my upper body was starting to shake it off.  But how about my legs?

Oh, bloody hell! Made of concrete! I could not move them no matter how hard I tried! Time to “un-trap” my left arm!

That didn’t work out so well, though.  My torso hadn’t quite caught up in the mobility department, as quickly as my arms had.  It was a bit of a challenge to sort of “reach” my legs with my arms.  Even still, when I tried to “lift” or “move” them in any way…aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

“Purple nin-JAH Had Seizure Attack!!!”

I just gave up.  I mean, really.  I had no choice! Purple nin-JAH was too paralytic! The Todd’s wasn’t ready to leave her legs yet.  I rolled over and went tried to go back to sleep.

When I finally awoke at a more suitable hour, my legs were back.  I got out of bed, and even for a messy sleeper (and that I certainly am!) I was pretty surprised at what I’d found.  A lot of heavy clothes were kicked off the bed, but it was almost like they were “selective.”  Also, there were some things that were buried underneath other things. These were heavy, too.  They got kicked off the bed in an odd way–“selective,” too.  Even more interesting, my duvet was evenly aligned and not thrown all over the place.

Is anyone out there thinking what I immediately thought? If you haven’t quite gotten there, I’ll round it all out and complete the scene. My entire body is kind of sore and stiff.  Most definitely my legs.  Good thing my head was on a pillow!


I have to go to my pharmacy today to pick up some scripts and stuff.  Being driven obviously.  By my friend P.  I’m hobbling around with Wonder Cane, remember? They may have found a supplier with access to the med, now! Please let it be so! This can’t go on for weeks and weeks.

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