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We’ve killed so much of our planet, Big Pharma really can’t kill us.  That’s because we’ve taken away what they need.  Thus, we are only to blame.  Since we’ve already destroyed so much of our precious terrain, forget the following piddly examples of the past, and how we’ve interpreted them:

Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, the Order of the Solar Temple, the Branch Davidians, the Family International, Las Cañadas Suicide sect scare, the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God.

And probably many more.  Though presumably of much less significance, as they didn’t get much mention in Wikipedia (if any.)

So, you can add them all up, as many as you can find, but it still won’t matter.  The whole whack of us are committing mass-suicide without Big Pharma’s help at all!!!

Please don’t misunderstand.  This isn’t a pro-Big Pharma rant post.  Admittedly, I do have a love/hate relationship with them.  My meds keep me as sane as I can possibly be.  Whether you choose to believe that or not, it is, in fact, true.  However, not to completey cockblock myself here, that last “truism” may be the only one within this entire piece.  No matter.  I think there is truth here, and definite merit to what I have to say.

Yes, I am continuing to rant write about not having access to my Clobazam/Frisium.  Which I have every right to do.  Not just because I’m sick, and seizing, and going out of my mind (note: this in no way affects the writer’s state of mind to write.)

When I found out I had to go off it, I began running around, most assuredly, looking like a desperate junkie.  I wore not a mask of obscene horror, but the true face of someone needing, “Just one more hit!” Nope.  It was the same thing everywhere.  No stock, little stock, scant supplier re-stocking dates (if known period.)

After much convening with doctors, pharmacists, hospitals (only from an outpatient perspective, unfortunately), I was left quite lost and bereft.  Hell, by that time, I should have gotten a camera, and started doing “Man on the Streets!” Eventually, I discovered the real story.

It had nothing to do with politics, and the pharmacists lobbying and pushing for more rights, here.  That was my original thought.  That everyone had gotten their knickers in a knot, and grew beyond such a point, that it seriously was some “Big Pharma Armageddon!” Time to turn down the Conspiracy Theory Meter?

Raw materials.  They can’t find them? Don’t have enough of them?

I’m no chemist, nor a pharmacologist.  Biology and physiology seem to be my best “fit.”  Oh, screw that! My chemistry sucks! Pretty damn well all the way around! And yet, I don’t think it takes too much scientific acumen, to understand the basic concepts.  It’s like a recipe.  Although, before I proceed, if this sounds completely moronic, will any chemistry folks reading promise to be nice?

Big Pharma Medication Recipe:

1. Obtain molecules necessary from certain substances, and measure as required (extraction.)
2. Combine all, and stir until even (compounding.)
3. Simmer for three hours (internal trial testing–i.e. “Let’s see if this works.”)
4. Serve upon fine china, with or without linen napkins (double blind, patient trial testing–i.e. “Will they get food poisoning?”)
5. Patent it, sell it, make it available for take away, and delivery too (Dinner Is Served!!!)

So, these lack of raw materials needed.  Where are they to be found? How about earth? Meds don’t just fly out of the universe, straight into the CEO’s office, of whatever drug manufacturer is listed on your box, or vial.  If you think they do, please call your doctor immediately, or head to your closest hospital.  Not that you will.  Because you’re too far out of your head to care.

Indeed, it would be lovely if our meds could rain down upon us from the universe.  Perhaps they would be stronger, more plentiful, even provide “cures” to make us healthier, wealthier and wise! But as long as we choose to wait for that; to live in such a most bizarre fantasy land, it’s all about those raw materials.  That would also be known as organic chemistry.  Yes?

Therefore, in closing, we’ve done so much to piss off Gaia, I’m paying the price.  Big Pharma hasn’t painted a huge target on me, after all!

Sheesh.  I don’t drive.  I don’t litter.  I sort my trash.  I recycle.  I…