Hospital a Bust

I was going to write about this yesterday but too sick.  Still sick.  Hours and hours waiting and not admitted.  At least I tried.  So, no option for help there.  Only option is to keep working with the pharmacies for Clobazam/Frisium.


  1. Pennies

    *hugs* hope something gets sorted out for you hun.


  2. Hey wee PA. Am finally catching up with your posts. I really need to work out how to synch my fecking blackberry with my blackorwhites email account. I suck.
    Sounds like a ridiculously stressful time and the meds becoming unavailable is exactly what you needed right now *rolls eyes*.
    As for your post about seriously considering deleting your blog. No PA. Bad PA. I will have to gang up on you with Aspie Penguin as i’m sure that he would also balk at the thought of you doing that.
    Right, i am off to synch my BB. Or at least try.
    Muchos love and i really hope you manage to kick the epilepsy back into some form of touch soon. I work for big pharma and i would like to say – stupid big pharma! x


  3. Butterflywings

    Just catching up too, sorry all this crap happened, and hope you get the meds and feel better soon hon.


  4. Hi Pennies. Thank you so much for commenting. God, when was this written? I have long lost all sense of time! June 8th. Christ! A whole month ago?

    Sorted? Considering it’s been a month and I am finally forcing myself to at get back to people here now…a very long time to get sorted, I’m afraid. Thanks sweetie.


    Hi Black or White. I had forgotten you and Big Pharma. Shit! I should have gotten you to find the manufacturer of the drug in the UK (or any of the generics’) and then just mail me some! Like, duh.

    I know, you’ve threatened me pretty hard about shutting down my blog. Beware, PA. Beware.

    Thanks for stopping by as well, hon.


    Hi Butterflywings. Thanks for commenting here, too. I’m so behind in getting back to everyone but at least I’m doin’ it now. Or trying. I am still sick though.

    I’ll be putting it up in a post, but not everyone will see it in my comment, here. I’ve slowly re-started the med as I think I have enough in my own little stockpile. Also, things were getting too unsafe, painful, dangerous… I actually did up giving myself a head injury!

    So as I said to Pennies, this is going to be a very long process.



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