Hi Folks,

First, thank you very, very much for your concern and support while I’ve been jerked off my Clobazam/Frisium.  It means the world to me.

I promise I will get back to all of you on this blog.  I will open up all my emails, Twitter Follows, talk on Twitter even, the whole lot.  I just can’t right now.  I’m too sick.  I can share what pretty unbelievable things have happened, as well, when I come back in better form.

But as the post title says, want a bit of knowledge? A great (the greatest?) example of how I really am “crazy” sick.

I have just duct taped all of the locks in my apartment.  I am not joking.

I’m having Complex Partial seizures and wandering around outside, completely unconscious in the middle of the night.  Yes.  I am now being forced to lock myself up in my own living space so I can’t escape.


  1. :( Is there anything I can do to help? IM you? Email? I know I’ve been a bad geek & no writing letters, but there was a postal strike and I got out of the habit & started reading on the bus instead :( Sorry!


  2. sodajerk

    take care ma wee purple pal.i am now fully back online.so i can post comments again.you will be delighted to hear


  3. Oh no! Sorry things are bad. Having to lock yourself up for your own safety is no fun whatsoever. I do hope that this improves soon.


  4. May



  5. Pennies

    thinking of you and sending *hugs*


  6. Hi Canageek. Don’t be silly! You haven’t been bad! The postal strike is over, though. You can write if you’d like?

    Anyone else want to mail me something? *tries to laugh but room is spinning too much* Gravol, Stat!

    Hi sodajerk! Oh soady! Look at you! How long has it been? *jumps into your strong laddie arms* I AM delighted to hear you are back! Yes, more of you!

    Hi Lis- SeeSaw. Thanks hon. I know. That was an all time low. Never in my life!

    Hi May. *hugs back* We haven’t talked in a while. Hope you’re okay? Guess you know my state of affairs. *shakes dumb head even though dizzy*

    Hi Pennies. Bless you sweetie. You’ve been keeping tabs on me since the beginning. Love you for that. *hugs*


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