It appears my wee PA has decided to make a couple of more appearances on her blog.  She even signed on to Twitter to talk.  Now she has forgotten what she said somewhere.  I will need to help her sign back on to find it, but we can do that later.  More importantly, I think this proves that she is not quite so clear regarding her mental faculties.  Nor her physical ones, either.

So, I have come here to tell you a few things.

  1. No matter how long it may take her to compose anything online, even if it is merely one sentence, it stands to have a significantly high probability that her words will make little sense.
  2. As you may or may not know, wee PA can be ridiculously stubborn.  Even to the point of believing she can get 5,000 mules to climb the Swiss Alps in one hour.  Thus, she may take on too much regarding things online.  This is completely unrealistic as she does not have the capability for it.  See point #1.
  3. Today, she felt even more guilty about not responding to people online.  This, after writing the first post that made her feel guilty enough.  That was one week ago.  After she wrote her post last night, the first thing she did after waking up was get on her blog to reply to someone! Anyone! This is an ongoing problem.  No matter how slow she may think she is regarding her blogging habits with her readers, 24 hours to her can actually feel like 24 days.  I will need to monitor her carefully to make sure she does not go over the edge! See point #2.
  4. Wee PAs mental state is a little strange at this point.  One moment, she should be given the Nobel Prize for the most razor sharp insights, obtained with diamond-like vision.  Due to everything that is going on, please trust me.  I assure you, she is lucid when these things occur.  Then, in another moment, she is not walking through an emotional minefield, she actually is the mine.  Here, it may be worthwhile to see all the points above.

I think that is all I have to say.  Although, there are a lot of times when she would really like to communicate with people.  Unfortunately, it is still very challenging right now.  She is still quite sick.

We will handle it slowly.  Since this all started, everything has needed to be dealt with on a day-to-day basis.  That fact has not changed.

In a little while, I think I will help her have a bath.  She can in no way have a shower! We need to pay special attention to this next one, too.  She lost her balance a little the last time.  Luckily, there were no injuries.  However, later in the day she hit her head.  Being her typical, stubborn self, she refused to wait for me to help her take out the garbage.  She stood up and her head landed squarely on the kitchen counter.

Sometimes I really wonder if I get paid enough to do this.  Oh, but I love her.  Love is all that matters in the end, correct?


  1. Don’t feel guilty! We can wait! *HUG OF SQIUSH*


  2. la

    Don’t feel guilty! You know you can just say “Hi!” from time to time as a general shout-out – we will understand if you can’t reply individually. Nobody who knows you would ever take offence. Know that we’re thinking of you and use all our good wishes to get better xx


  3. Aspie Penguin

    Hello Canageek. You never fail to show up when I post about PA. As many people say, “Loyal to a fault.” Well, in this case, that certainly is not true!

    I will pass along your message to wee PA, but I do have one question. Is that “Hug of Sqiush” meant for her or for me? If it is meant for me, I would actually love a “Hug of Fish!” I am really not all that particular, so if you would like to send me some, that would be wonderful!

    Knowing where you live now, I could really do with some take away from the coast! In now thinking of how fresh it would be, my beak is starting to drool!

    Hello la. Oh, you must be the beautiful and sweet la. I am not sure if we have ever met before. Regardless, my little PA has told me that apart from your caring nature, you make her laugh so hard at times. That is very important.

    I think I also remember her saying something about you and cats. However, maybe it was also about drinking tea, as she loves it, and perhaps you do as well.

    Although, cats do not drink tea out of mugs! I would find it exceedingly rare to see a cat that would drink tea at all! Nevertheless, cats are such amazing creatures. Therefore, I retract my statement about cats drinking tea. Now I feel it is probable that many cats would enjoy the odd cuppa every now and then. PA had a cat that loved to eat potato chips (or crisps, if you like.)

    I will have to ask her as I am sure it was something to do with cats, tea and mugs, though. I just know it. After all, I pay such close attention when she speaks. I must be having a bit of an off day. It happens to all of us.

    Anyway, you take care sweet girl, and I will tell everything you said to wee PA. It will make her happy. Then, I will review this whole cat, tea, mug business. I am completely perplexed.

    Best to both of you,


  4. I do have some fish in my freezer, but it is the frozen type. If you come out to Vancouver Island in the first week of August though I could get you some right off the fishing boats as they come in. :D

    The hug was for PA< but you can have one too! I've got lots of hugs!


  5. la

    Our dog Jack used to drink tea from mugs! He was a border collie with a long snout and a sweet tooth and it was embarrassing when we had visitors – “Oh, uh, he’s never done that before! Bad dog!” And our cat Jemima used to sit, very ladylike, and dainty dip her paw into the milkjug =)

    Anyway, nice thoughts of cats and tea and mugs to you and PA! And plenty of ((HUGS))! xx


  6. Aspie Penguin

    Hello again, Canageek. Frozen is alright considering my original homeland and where I grew up. Sadly, in sending yours, it would deteriorate so quickly and become a total mess.

    Also, even though it would not have to cross any international borders, I think they would still catch on. Then, it would be considered somewhat “contraband.” It is a nice idea, but entirely implausible.

    As far as wee PA and I taking a vacation, she wishes so much to do that now. How interesting you should mention this, as it was on her mind as soon as she woke up. I will let her tell you and everyone else about that, though.

    Thank you for my hug, kind boy. Be well.

    Hello again also, la. So it seems I was definitely right in retracting my statement. I will now say it further encompasses all animals on the planet, as here we have a dog drinking tea.

    Actually, I was terribly silly in making the statement in the first place. Since living in North America with PA, my diet has been completely altered.

    She provides me with as much fresh fish as possible, but after so much time, I have been fed some rather odd things you people do eat. So, since we are discussing strange eating habits of animals, I feel this is only the right thing to do. I have a confession to make.

    I am addicted to cheese puffs. They have to be the really, puffy, light ones. The ones that feel they are somehow full of air. I do not like the thinner, hard, crunchy ones. Oh, no. They are an epicurean nightmare.

    When I spoke to PA, everything was cleared up about the cat, tea and mug situation. In fact, she mumbled something about still waiting to receive a mug from you.

    Many hugs from us both to you too, my dear. Please keep enjoying the cats, mugs and tea, as well.



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