Yeah, here I am again…I’m gonna get back to everyone still.  I promise! But as per subject line?

No, not mine.  But it may as well be?

My friend J.’s sister flew in from Paris a couple of days ago.  Primary reason to assist her father with his will and affairs and shit.  Also to visit.

A lot of you may not know, but my friend J. went totally bonkers (ironically almost a year ago) and his sister flew in to eventually help me with “Damage Control.”  Ever since, their relationship has been strained fucked strained.  I can’t even begin to tell you what he’s put me through (during, before and after that.)  But we still talk.

His sister and I have an ongoing joke.  Which is actually true.  When idiot J. lost everything and she came over, the only good that came out of it was that we became so close.

She and I talked yesterday.  Pops was doing fine.  Today? Pops may not make it through the night.  Not only am I upset for her, but…erm…J.?

He knew she was coming over but gave NO indication of wanting to see her.  I remained silent regarding knowing she was coming.

NOW??? His sister is the only one who he IS BARELY CAPABLE OF HAVING ANY FORM OF A FAMILIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH!!! And obviously that’s not working out so well.  He hates his one brother who his sister has already told.  That brother is going to be there every step of the way.

Are you getting the picture of how I fit in here? Or several pictures? Maybe there are pictures that nobody can see?

Right now it’s 24/7! Immediate, even 911 response! She left him a message fucking hours ago! Nothing.  I even checked my email.

I told her I’d do anything, everything needed! I don’t give a toss about my stupid head and being screwed over from my loss of Clobazam!

And yeah, also along with that whole stuff about 24/7, emergency response…I still haven’t forgotten about you.  It probably just means that this next week might entail who knows what.

I think I’m gonna heave now.  Even though I just took a Gravol…an hour ago? All of this shit needs to stop.


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