The Sick, Dying, Dead, Criminally Culpable and Dangerous Plus Smartphones

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve been away now at summer camp for a while, so I thought I’d better write you a letter.  I figured you’d get pretty angry if I didn’t do it by now.  So, what can I tell you.

Okay, I’m still sick from when you brought me.  At least since it wasn’t contagious, they still allowed me, but really, to be honest, I didn’t care.  That may make you angry too, but it’s the truth.  But yeah.  Nothing’s changed.  Even IF you somehow thought me getting lots of sun, and fresh air, and lots of swim lessons and meeting new pals, and more stuff would help, well, it hasn’t.  Still seizing big and all the rest.  So you’re still going to have to deal with me when I come home.  Just so you know.  Be prepared?

The dying and dead stuff? It’s really weird.  I met this girl here.  Even more weird, I don’t know her real name. She just says everyone can call her “PA.”  So, we all do.  She’s got epilepsy like me, is sick just like me now but A LOT worse. What a coincidence, don’t you think?

But this is where more weird stuff comes out.  Sure, there’s the epilepsy and her name, but she must have a really odd life too. Everyone is saying she’s a liar as it can’t possibly be true. They’re also saying she’s crazy.  A real mental whacko.  I don’t think she is though.  She’s calm when she talks about it.  Not jumping all over like some freak you’d see in a movie.  But she’s not TOO calm. Not like a zombie.

She’s saying her mom’s husband may be dying but she can’t tell yet because her mother is “right back just where she used to be!” I’m not sure what that means but I think she’s saying she can’t get answers from her mother, somehow.  She does know the cause.  It’s cancer.  Prostate Cancer.  She explained it to me and dad, if I can tell you, it kind of freaked me out! Does that really happen to us when we get older? That prostate thing?

Next, she knows someone else who just died.  Some of her friends.  Their dad.  I told her I was really sorry about it but she didn’t seem to care. Now, she’s running around telling people that there is a very dangerous and bad man out there, but then don’t tell anyone she’s said a word of it! I don’t understand mom and dad. Why would she do that? Tell people and then say not to tell anyone she did.  Is she scared? Is she really crazy after all?

I do know she’s not stupid. We talk about lots of other things too. The above stuff is just kind of “new?” We laugh so much as she just got a new smartphone.  I’m trying to help her get the hang of it but she keeps telling me she’s a total stupid loser.  I don’t think she is.  I’m kind of embarrassed to say it mom and dad.  God if anyone ever found out here at camp! I really kind of like her.  I think she’s pretty cute no matter what she says.  Maybe in my next letter home, I’ll send you a photo of us together.

Love from your son,


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