Yes, yes.  I know.  How often does our blood boil when someone asks us how we are doing, and we simply answer, “I’m fine.”  Well, I am here to tell you that answer is…actually, quite “fine.”  I swear.  Cross my fine little heart.

I’m not sure how many of you have seen this film I am about to mention.  Although it may not be the most thought provoking, intellectually stimulating, or a piece of cinema to be philosophically debated for generations.  Nonetheless, it does deliver an extremely potent message for us all.  I am speaking of “The Italian Job” that was made in 2003 (not to be confused with the original from 1969.)

What does it impart that is such an unbelievable gem? It is only within a small piece of dialogue.  About what determines “fine.”





Thus, when we do answer we are “fine” we are telling the exact truth.  It really is a perfectly, reasonable response.  In knowing this, I think we can all heave a collective sigh or relief and feel a great weight lifted from our shoulders.

However, I see a problem that still exists.  This new knowledge is imbalanced (and I am not referring to the acronym.)  It almost appears as a “secret.”  A sort of “insider information” thing.  We know the answer, but what about the person who posed the question (unless it was one of us.)  So, it leaves only one choice.  We must spread the word! We must tell everyone!

We have to paint it on billboards! Slap it on every form used for transportation! Posters on every street! Take over the Internet as daunting, and even frightening that may be!

Moreover, this must be a global commitment! We all must take part and do our share, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  Not-for-profit organizations must be contacted, so please make them aware.  Surely there are wealthy individuals who would be willing to offer financial support.  Just pause for a moment and think of the possibilities.

I vow to lead this project, but I will need others to form an Executive Team, other individuals who have special skills and experience to serve in their areas of expertise, as well.  Please contact me if you are willing to join and serve with me.  We WILL make the world understand!

  1. eternalvow7

    Yeah, spread the news! Let them know that we are “fine” and maybe they’d understand. Every little thing that can be done by each and everyone is substantial.

    I have looked up in the web and saw this very informative counseling site. It offers vast amount of resource that might be of help for us that are “fine”.


  2. Pennies

    ah, Yes. F.I.N.E. how well I know that term. And how often I use it.


  3. Kevin

    I’m actually “fine” with leaving things as-is and keeping this a secret from people who ask how I’m doing. Acronyms aside, the actual translation of “I’m doing fine”, at least for me, is something like: “Get the hell out of my face you insincere bastard and leave me the *&#$ alone”. The former is so much more polite. I may have mood issues, but I don’t want my well-calibrated, time-tested “polite” responses exposed, only to inflict a bad mood on others.

    And, I really, really don’t want to have to switch over to “I’m doing good”, or “I’m doing well”, or “I’m doing satisfactorily”, or even the oh-so tempting “I’m doing hunky-dory”. Or is that “hunky-dorily”? Come up with an acronym for that one!


  4. Hi eternalvow7. Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. Thanks for the link, as well. You are now the first to join my “Executive Team.”

    Hi pennies. I totally agree. Walking around in the “Land of F.I.N.E.” I’ll sign you up for the Team, as well.

    Hi Kevin. Good to see you. You’ve been in absentia for about as long as I have. No worries though, love.

    Alright, so we may have to balance things out here. Some may prefer to leave things as a “Secret Society.” Leave those who are so completely ignorant to continue to float around in oblivion.

    Hmmm. Well, I can see your point.

    So, do we now treat the issue as “Stigma Busting?” Further, I think there are NTs who can feel F.I.N.E. They’re even more in oblivion because they can be completely ignorant of both our little mental camp and how they feel themselves!

    I certainly wouldn’t want to cause any uprising or fighting between us all, however, it would be tremendously naive that our entire population would feel entirely the same. About anything.

    What to do…what to do… That’s why I REALLY need an Executive Team. I have a bit (a bit???) of a problem making decisions.

    Well, if anyone can think of any answers or suggestions to my little “dilemma” here, please make a comment. In the mean time, I’m going to try and think of a decent acronym for “Hunky Dorily.” Although, I’ve never heard anyone say that. Just “Hunky Dory.” So maybe I’ll work with that last one instead.

    Thanks everyone and yes, good to see you again, Kevin.


  5. Kevin

    Hey PA, lurking and absentia aren’t exactly the same, and I’ve most definitely just been lurking. Maybe the earthquake, hurricane, and flooding we’ve had in the past two weeks shook and soaked me out of a lurking haze.

    Okay, if you’re looking to de-stigmatize and feel it important, then “fine”. I’ll use something else, no need to call in an Executive Team or assassin. With the slight stutter my lithium gives me on occasion (or is it the oxcarbazepine? Either way, grrrrrrr), I’m going to have trouble with “Hunky Dorily”, or even “Hunkily Dorily”. But I reckon I could use something just as old-timey sounding like “I’m doing dandy”. Or “…f.i.n.e. and dandy”.


  6. Hi Kevin. You’re right. *head desk* Ouch. That didn’t make my messy brain feel any any better. Since you’ve been lurking, you already know I’m prone to not making sense now (more so than I usually don’t make sense.)

    Indeed, bad weather and ickiness all around. Not good and I hope things are okay with you on your end, and anyone or everyone you might now.

    You seem to feel quite F.I.N.E. that I somehow now need assassins as well to spread the word or destigmatize something. I don’t recall saying that, and I certainly would never want to make you feel have to say you feel fine (see, not written even the same way!)

    So, henceforth, all plans for an Executive Team run by me will be now be dissolved. Any individual or group involvement in agreement upon “fine” “f.i.n.e.” F.I.N.E.” or any variation thereof will be responsible for themselves.

    Further, any actions taken based upon the agreement and/or the definition of the terms above will be the sole responsibility of the individual or group.

    There will no longer be a formal call for this to be a global effort. Though, in stating, it does not deprive individuals from still creating and/or having the ability to work with other individuals within or without any specified borders.


    How’s that, Kevin? Probably too much of a lofty goal for me to pull off anyway. I’m really not a leader at all. No way!!!

    Also, having a bit of a stutter’s a pain in the butt at times, isn’t it? I have one as well.


  7. Kevin

    Oh, I really don’t want to scuttle any mobilization of forces fighting stigma or anything. Please don’t dissolve anything on my account. I feel surly enough these days that I don’t care about leaning on “fine”.

    I don’t recall anything about assassins either, I just made that part up. Poetic license or something like that?

    The stutter makes me crazy, actually. I’ve never had one, but now – I just feel like the biggest dumbass talking to anyone. Makes one want to stop their meds from time to time, actually. That and the other med-related issues. If the stuff actually made me better otherwise, I’d bite my tongue and live with it all gripe-free. A big pharmaceutical spiral.


  8. Hi Kevin. Oh, please don’t worry. Like I said (or I think I did or tried) I see your point.

    People who are stigma busters should be allowed to act in whatever form they choose, to pursue said “busting.” I really had no “right” to tell them what to do. If nothing more, I suppose it was an…let me think. Perhaps an “educational and informative call to action.”

    My own choice of busting the hell out of stigma isn’t to get up on soap boxes (what the hell does that phrase mean anyway?) I mean, why just soap? Any box or any high surface? Sorry, Aspie tangent. Although, I’m sure there’s some sort of historical reference as to its origin.

    Funny. Poetic license in my comment section. Well, as long as you’re not a troll (well, I know you’re not!) You’ll just have to make me go over it and “explain” since I am so incessantly thorough.

    Sorry about the stutter and the other stuff. You’re the same as me. I’ve never had one before, and over the last few years or so, it just “appeared!” The oddest thing.

    And of course you know there’s no reason why people stutter. I mean, no “proven” reason. Whether you’ve always had it as a kid, it comes out “whenever.” Is the stutter consistent or does it only appear on certain occasions?

    For me, it’s kind of tough. I know it’s not my meds as I’ve been on the same cocktail for years. Unless an increase has brought it out. That’s possible?

    If I recall, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “stutter” as an actual side effect of a med. However, tremor, twitches, things like that. Could you get a shaky form or speech? Spasms in your vocal cords?

    But yeah, me. Apart from any med issue, two other things I can think of. When I get anxious? Yet it’s hard to tell because it doesn’t happen every time I get all freaky. But yes.

    The next is really weird. How can explain. Cognitive for sure. It will DEFINITELY happen if I am cognitively impaired in any way! Think of my epilepsy, for example. ALWAYS!!! At other times?

    It almost seems like parts of my brain aren’t fully connected. I’ll have the word in my head, but for some reason, the area that controls my speech acts like it’s a little slow to catch up!


  9. Kevin

    Sorry, can’t explain what the soap box thing is besides some old-timey thing I’m too lazy to look up on Wikipedia.

    The side effect make me nuts – and for me – the ones I have are quite abnormal for the drugs I take. Maybe my pharmacy sucks and is giving me the wrong things?

    I don’t have a reference point for the stutter and what it’s all about. I don’t get it all the time, just sometimes. I haven’t yet been able to piece together the when/circumstances when it rears its head. And – it’s not a long stutter that’s hard to get through. It’s not a spasm in my vocal cords – I have the occasional twitch in my hands or legs, but this is different. My brain is stuttering. Maybe more what you’re describing.


  10. Oh Kevin! I lost your comment here somewhere along the way. I’m sorry!

    That’s funny. The pharmacy is screwing up. I’m trying very hard to refrain from making a joke about doctor’s handwriting. Oops. Looks like I (sort of) did.

    Our stutter thing sounds kind of similar. I don’t know if an ongoing spasm of the vocal cords (or any) is possible. I was just tossing that in as a joke. If such a problem existed, there might be a serious issue anatomically. I’m not sure. Some choking going on?

    Not the hiccups, however! That’s your diaphragm. Equally important for singing, though!

    So, yes. We both have “stuttering brains.” *nods*


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