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Well, I guess I mean blogroll.  For now?

I can’t believe I finally finished it.  It took me four hours.  The other day I left off at “D.”  About 28 gone? Some I had to request invites to.  I was too dumb before so I understand WP now.  But what on this planet do I do to contact someone who uses Blogger for an invite? Does anyone know that trick?

I need to make some other minor changes.  Not right now.  THEN, new additions? Oh, HELL not right now! Also, even if a blog has been dormant for a while (a very long while?) I still leave them as I feel there can be some value in what the person has written.  That may change.  Definitely another “not right now.”

What else have I been up to? Well, I cried a bit this morning.  Huh.  Okay, maybe I can think of one damn good reason for that! Seizure!!! Yep.  Maybe now it’s time to toss around some bogroll.

I haven’t written anything lately about the Clobazam sitch.  I have a (strong) tendency to write on, and on, and on and…regarding the regular events of me being sick.  It doesn’t make for extremely enticing reading.  Especially when things don’t change.  Which is precisely where I sit.  I seem to be at a “Drug Efficacy Impasse.”

My seizure? Right on time you could say.  Check the calendar, sit, be aware of your body, and TA DA!

Don’t dare leave your seats viewers! It’s time for the next episode of “The Typical Absence Status Epilepticus Show!” Simply put, I’m ovulating right now.

I said I’d give all of this business another month.  Why? Because I can’t exactly speed up my cycle.  Nor would I want to! My period every week, or a few days, or something? GAH! No, WAY more than “GAH!”

So, yes.  My Drug Efficacy Impasse.  At least the seizures are only happening with the TASE (which is why I need this drug!!!) They’re not happening at night (as far as I can tell.)  Only during the day is obviously better for keeping track.  They’re not as bad as before (but I’m still having them!!!) I’m still having them when on my period too, right? Just to be clear.  Plus, I’m still not sure of the overall withdrawal effects.  Just to be more clear.

However, at least now my regular dose of 60mg hasn’t lost TOTAL efficacy.  That was one of my most horrific fears once I started taking it again.  That it wouldn’t work at all!

No, it’s still doing its job.  Just not well enough.  That said, sometime in October I will be knocking on Non-Arsey Neuro’s door.  I’ll tell him we should increase it.  By that time, we’ll be moving into five months of this crap!

By continually dragging things out, hoping for the sky to part and bestow upon me some miracle? It’s just causing me further damage psychologically and emotionally.  Ridiculous.