An MP3 of The Moment Moment?

If there ever was a time to stream it would be now. However, that would mean turning on baby MacBook. That would require energy. ftp and all of that.

This post and my last have been from my phone. So maybe my own MP3 of the Moments in beddy?

But more to come. Definitely.

Oh god! I’m so worked up I think I need a Valium! *shakes head*


  1. Kevin

    PA, please share said Valium if you don’t mind. Maybe hit up non-Arsey Neuro for me while you’re there? Oh, crap, borders and such, I know, complications. Maybe next time I’m up North I’ll take my face out of my tray of poutine long enough to pop one or two. But gosh, the poutine seems to relax me just as much as valium or xanax…

    Sorry for the ramblings, PA, I’m just stressed out and kinda hungry. Hope all goes well with your appointment.


  2. Hi Kevin. Okay, here’s some Valium until you can come and visit ooooooooooooooooo Also, not to worry about hitting up Non-Arsey Neuro or anyone else. Sweetie GP originally prescribed it so I can get it from her as well.

    Moreover, I have a such an ongoing supply, I could take a shower in Valium every day for the rest of my life. Maybe I should hand them out as “tricks and treats” for Halloween? Hmmm… “Valloween?”

    Whoa! Forget all of those urban legends about sharps hidden in all things who knows where! I’m sure the parents would be happy. Not having to deal with kids who won’t sleep after being on such a sugar high!

    I am on-my-knees-sincerely-apologizing-begging-for-mercy-and-forgiveness-for-“Valloween!” Not to mention, never give away your meds to someone who else who doesn’t take them. Not good. *shakes head*

    Poutine, huh? Well, if it’s a decent enough solution, go for that? I’ve actually never tried the “real” stuff. Just a few imitations when I’ve really needed some serious carbs.

    Some people find the utter notion of the combined ingredients disgusting. Not me. Who came up with “Chili Fries.” I also find that good! *laughing*

    No darling, ramble away all you wish. You know that. If you don’t or have forgotten, I’m saying it again.

    The appt. did go well. And predictable. I got my increase to 80mg of the Clobazam from the 60mg. I mean, seriously. Leave me here, not getting better, still seizing all over the damn place?

    Although, please note on the date of this comment, I am on my fourth day of the titration. I’m sick. Oh, yeah. I’m all totally wingy. Body, mind, ah whatever.

    I also have no friggin’ clue what the titration may do to me. Wishful thinking that my brain will adjust in a brief time and return to being happy as a lark? Who knows after going off cold turkey pretty much decimated me.


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