Stoopid Guvmunt and Yet a Bit of Silver. Both Coin and Lining.

Ah, this isn’t too much of a brain-blasting post.  Easy enough to write.

Recently, after seven agonizing and painful months, I finally received what I should be given by the stoopid guvmunt.  There is one benefit that I qualify for (outside of the basic figure others would get.)  That has already been accepted.  There was another I was also receiving, but this time the process requires a different form.  Let’s hope it goes through successfully! It gives me a fair, additional figure each month.  Who knows what else I may acquire? This has all happened just recently!

Without going into how our crazy system works, and even my monthly figure (sorry, kids–that’s rather private!) I received a “surprise” I did not know of regarding the legislation.  Rumours abound, until Grocery Man told me.  He’s worked in the system for years.  He’s now retired.

When I crunch the numbers, even with my pathetic, Dyscaluliac brain, it doesn’t matter.  A four-year-old could see it.  Perhaps like playing that game when you look up and stare at the clouds.  The shapes.  Do they look like anything? How about that one? It sort of looks like an airplane.

Yep.  PA can get on a plane and take a vacation! Get a break from all of this, and gee, maybe have some fun? *laughs*

I haven’t taken a vacation in…god, maybe six years? Not that I’ll be doing this all the time.  I’m not getting thousands and thousands of dollars from the stoopid guvmunt.  But save, save, save…

Also, the trips will be the cheapest (and the best?) Those when you’ve got someone to meet you on the other end! *grins*

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