Archive for November 19th, 2011

First, I apologize if I deleted anyone “in error.”  However, if you’re still out there lurking, or I didn’t get you and you still want to “play” with me, two words: BE PREPARED.

There have only been two times when I have seriously had to consider changing the way I run my blog.  It’s been five years now up and running.  I think so.  Sometime this month it was started but I might miss its birthday.  So, “Happy Birthday PA” in advance.  NEVER did I make those changes though.  I now refuse to do so.

So, if indeed you still want to engage with me (yes, I realize this post may make your pin-pointed eyes glow and spin in your stupid, little head) you won’t have much of a head soon enough.  I will take you on and KEEP CRUSHING YOUR TINY, ONLINE, PATHETIC BRAIN until your USELESS LIFE will no longer get any of your little “jollies” where  YOU’RE SO FUCKING DELUSIONAL, YOU THINK YOU ARE SMART.

Well played today as I bid my final adieu to you? That I will admit.  Granted, I haven’t been blogging to clean up the SHIT IN YOUR OVERFLOWING DIAPERS.  It’s taken me a very long time to do that, plus the TRAIL OF URINE THAT HAD THE STENCH OF AN ENTIRE ZOO. 

This is not the post I should have written today–or the post that should have appeared next on my blog.  Nonetheless, what a wonderful feeling to tell you this.  Bugger off.  Go sit in a corner and pout.  Forever.