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As per my post on November 11, 2011 “Can’t Find Him” tonight I have learned that my friend, my friend *choking back tears* Died.

I checked and we did have more recent contact than months but it was brief. Very.

I learned quite recently there was a pub nearby where he was spending a lot of time. To go there was my next plan rather than trying to track down his parents I’d never met in the city.

So fucking much for that.

I need to look for any obituaries. *crying now* My “source” is good but did he die when? Or was that the funeral date?

And the cross. His cross. Never, ever picked up from me (always wanted it left with me?)

This may sound awful but I just can’t bear to face his devout Catholic mother. Not as some stranger (Jezebel) who has his cross.

I will keep it. It seems he always wanted me to do so over so many years. Why I have no idea.

Selfish perhaps. But my decision. I feel I “need” it to remember him.

Bless you, sweet G. I love you and never stopped.